Humor doesn't LOOK why the sunglasses?

Ha ha! Well then, I was bored and I thought 'Hey, why not have some enjoyment at poking fun at the band?' Now, if you are the type to get offended easily, you may want to leave now, cause it's gonna get interesting in these parts. You've been warned, stranger ::old west music plays:: I'd just like to say that most of these ideas aren't mine, but the content IS.'s somewhat original...remember that. Try and get a chuckle out of my attempt at being humorous :)

Signs to Bring to Your Next Concert

Things to Throw Onstage

What Rob Likes to do With Beanie Babies

'Creative' Yahoo! Chat Transcript

Top Ten Lists

Random Thoughts On Stage

If I Was _____, I Would _____

Questions to Ask the Band

My Interview With Kyle

My Interview With Brian

My Interview With Rob

My Interview With Adam

My Interview With Paul