My Interview With Paul

I wonder if this is his natural hair color?

Paul..Paulie...some refer to him as "Pauline." Whatever you may call him, you know him as the small, yet lovable drummer of Matchbox 20. When he's not banging (his drums), who knows what he's doing? Me, being the stalker type (kidding, I'm too lazy to stalk anyone), managed to get Paul to answer a few of my questions while he was trying to get into his place of residence. *Note: NOT a real interview. I DO NOT stalk people!*

Paul: Who the hell are you and what are you doing in front of my condo?

zindo: Can I ask you a few questions?

Paul: Will you go away after these few questions?

zindo: Uh huh..promise ::crosses fingers::

Paul: Fine...::puts down grocery bags he had been haphazardly holding::

zindo: Why are you not of average height?

Paul: ::eyes fill with tears:: Why does everyone always have to focus on that? DON'T THEY EVER NOTICE MY HAIR?!

zindo: Oh..I..I'm sorry! Uh..what color is your hair tonight?

Paul: It's glow in the dark green..see? ::shines a flashlight on his head, then turns off the light::

zindo: Ooohh it's glowing!

Paul: Yeah! Last night Ro...I cat...said it was very sexy...ah ha...

zindo: Your cat talks?

Paul: Doesn't everyone's?

zindo: me about you and...Rob..

Paul: ::defensive tone:: What about me and...Rob?

zindo: YOU know...

Paul: Hey, this has been more than a few questions...

zindo: ::sees something in the grocery bag and pulls it out::

Paul: NO not those!

zindo: What are these? Balloons? Why do you have so many little balloons?

Paul: Oh God ::puts face in hands::

zindo: Ooh a movie..."Nine Weeks"? I've never heard of have some very interesting stuff in here...way too much stuff for just one person...

Paul: Ooohh God...

::voice from inside the condo is singing in a high pitched squeaky, somewhat growly voice: "Sugar ::do do de do do do:: Oh honey, honey ::do do de do do do:: You are my candy girl...and you got me wanting you!"::

zindo: Well, this is very amusing! I seem to have caught you at a very awkward I'll just let you go and do your to!

Paul: ::wanders into his condo, muttering the whole way::