My Interview With Brian

The stripes on his shirt are very subtle, but they are there!

The bass player, the Pookie...aren't we all wondering what is behind this glasses wearing, bleached hair shuffler? I know I am! I had a chance to find out a few weeks ago, when I caught him in the supermarket, crusing the hair care aisle. *Note: NOT a real interview. I highly doubt Brian would bleach his hair with something from a supermarket.*

zindo: ::creeps up behind Brian, who is looking at the hydrogen peroxide curiously:: Brian? Can I ask you a few questions about Matchbox 20?

Brian: ::turns and looks at zindo, without saying a word::

zindo: Brian?

Brian: ::crickets chirping::

zindo: You can talk you know...this is an interview for you. ::waves hand in front of Brian's face::

Brian: ::snapping out of his trance:: Oh, sorry...I'm not used to talking much.

zindo: I could here now?

Brian: YEAH BABY YEAH!!!!!!

zindo:, where did you come up with that Pookie Shuffle? It's very snappy!

Brian: Thanks. I was on stage once, and I had an itch on my foot. I was trying to make it go away, and I ended up shuffling across the stage. Then someone slapped the shuffle name on it, and the rest is history! Thank God I didn't fall over..

zindo: Interesting...what do you think of the new Austin Powers movie coming out?

Brian: ::lets out a suprisingly happy squeal:: I can't WAIT! I'm gonna see it a million times!!

zindo: That's groovy! you ever get jealous of all the attention Rob gets?

Brian: Sometimes, I am, but most of the time I'm not. I don't really want millions of people dissecting my life or obsessing over me in scary and illegal ways. And usually people don't recognize me in the supermarket...

zindo: Ha ha ::laughs nervously:: Where do you get all your nifty shirts?

Brian: My mom makes them for me. She calls me her little boy.

zindo: I'm sure you are. So what have you been up to on this break from touring?

Brian: Well we have recorded the album already. Right now I'm doing some undercover work for the FBI. I'm about to bring down the entire mafia gang. You know, it keeps me busy during these off times.

zindo: Wow...isn't that stuff supposed to be all secretive and everything though?

Brian: ::slaps head:: Dammit, you're right! Oh gosh...I'm really sorry, but I'm gonna have to kill you now.

zindo: Dang...hey look! Is that Tiger Woods

Brian: WHERE?!! ::runs off::

zindo: ::makes a hasty escape::