Questions to Ask the Band

Well, to the lucky ones who have already met the band, you know it's practically mandatory to ask the band questions about themselves! For all of us who HAVEN'T yet had the privilege of meeting those insane guys, here are a few suggestions of what to ask them when we do. *Note: Questions are not intended for asking. These are for amusement ONLY!!*

Brian: "Is that your natural hair color?"

Adam: "You're not that guy from the Wonder Years..are you?"

I can't even BEGIN with this picture..

Rob: "Wait, wait...who are you again? Are you a roadie or something?"

Ben: "I like your shirt...can I have it? HAND IT OVER!!"

Kyle: "What is up with that avocado suit?"

Paul: " people ever mistake you for someone in the fifth grade?"

Adam: "Is that a gray hair I see?"

Rob: "Would you like some cheese?"

Brian: "Is your real name Pookie?"

Ben: "So are you a real member of the band yet?"

What is everyone looking at?!

Paul: "Have you gotten whiplash yet from shaking your head so hard while playing?"

Kyle: "My friend thinks you look like Herman you?"

Adam: "Can I have your e-mail address?"

Rob: ::holds up three fingers:: "How many fingers am I holding up? Take your time now.."

Brian: "Are you wearing women's underwear?"

Ben: "Did I see you on Jerry Springer?"