My Interview With Adam

Ahhhh LOOK OUT! It's a UFO!

Adam...the man behind the Official Postcards From the Road and the Band Q&A on the official site...obviously my life would NOT be complete without catching an interview with him. Luckily I had the opportunity to do this at a local K-Mart, where I caught him looking at the oh-so-cool clothing there. Hopefully he isn't too afraid of me now. *Note: NOT a real interview. No clothing was harmed in the making of this interview.*

zindo: ::creeping up behind Adam with a $10.00 shirt in hand:: Adam..give me an interview..or..the shirt won't live to see tomorrow!

Adam: ::turns around in fear:: NO! NOT THE SHIRT!

zindo: Yes! ::cackles evilly:: Who is your favorite boy band? TELL ME NOW!

Adam: ::glancing at the shirt still clutched in my hands:: Uh...5ive (ed's comment: Why the HELL do they spell their name like that?!) because they are the only ones not from this country..

zindo: I see...Leno..or Letterman?

Adam: Um...Conan O'Brien...I like that pooping dog!

zindo: Interesting! Good choice...what do you do now that you guys aren't on tour?

Adam: Well, I have my garden out in the back yard at home....

zindo: What kind of garden?

Adam: It's all flowers. I love looking out the window and seeing all these pretty pink flowers all around the house. Some of them come up through the walls of the house and into my bedroom. My bedroom is pink, you know. It's pretty.

zindo: come through the walls?

Adam: YES! They are magical. Like my dinner plates.

zindo: Tell me about your dinner plates.

Adam: Well, Shirley and Oscar are the leaders of the dinner plates. They tell me who wins each Super Bowl. Haven't been wrong once! And the other dinner plates..they are rather meek. They still have a fear that I'll drop them. I've only dropped three this month! Wimps.

zindo: I am, for once, speechless.

Adam: ...and of course, NOTHING compares to my collection of hair scrunchies. Not that I can use them, now that I've cut my hair and all that stuff...but they are nice to look at! Like my flowers..I've told you about my flowers, haven't I?

zindo: Yeah..about a minute ago. ::noticing Adam is not paying attention to her::

Adam: ..and they come through my WALLS!

zindo: Adam...? ADAM?

Adam: What? Hey, did I tell you about my flo---

zindo: ARGH! This shirt is gonna get it!!! ::holds shirt menacingly::

Adam: I'll be good.

zindo: Well that's just too bad 'cause I have to go. Nice talking to you Adam.

Adam: Leaving so soon?

zindo: Yes!! ::runs::