Thoughts on Stage

Ok here's a question for you..have you ever wanted to know what goes on in the head of the band while they are onstage performing? No? Oh...well...I have, because I have a lot of time to do these kinda things (what's a social life?). So, using my twisted mind, I have come up with a few things I believe they may think..of course...I could be wrong...*Note: the following is NOT meant to be taken seriously. I really doubt Paul has to massage Rob's feet.*

Kyle: "I wish these pants weren't so tight! I can BARELY move!!"

Rob: "I think my eyeliner is running...aww mother f*ckin' sh*t!"

Brian: "Yeah..I think I'll shuffle now" ::shuffle shuffle::

Ahhh!!! Kyle's guitar is EATING him!!

Paul: "I think I just chipped a nail! Dammit!"

Adam: ::hopping up and down in one place:: "Musn't trip, musn't trip!!"

Kyle: "Maybe...if I start playing my guitar with my teeth...that girl in the third row will notice me!"

Rob: "Betcha Stephen Jenkins never had beanie babies thrown at his head!"

Paul: "I REALLY hope I won't have to massage Rob's feet again after the show.." ::shudders::

Ben: "I'm a little teapot..."

Kyle: ::to the voices in his head:: "Shut up, SHUT UP!!"

Adam: "Hmm..if I accidentally left a banana peel right in Rob's path...could I blame it on Brian?"

Rob: "I am really gonna need a foot massage..." ::turns and glances at Paul::

Brian: "Oh no, I can't see where I'm hair is in my face! CRAAAPPP!!"

Ben: "...short and stout..."

Paul: "What year is this? 1992?"

Adam: ::teetering percariously onstage:: "'s a looong way down if I fall...musn't fall, musn't fall!!"

Rob: "Did I actually write this sh*t?"

Brian: "Hmmm...I need some more striped shirts...I think I'll go shopping Saturday..yeah..I could use some laxitives too.."

Kyle: "Holy sh*t I think a bee just flew into my beard....oh no..."

Paul: "Hey..I wonder what color my hair is...I can't remember..hmmm.."

Adam: "Now where did Timmy run off to?"

Rob: ::someone throws a Furby onstage:: "Oooh a Furby! I can teach it how to swear!"

Ben: "...there's my handle..."

Paul: "I could've been the lead singer if it wasnt for that damn Rob."

Brian: "...I'm gonna need a new pair of glasses too..I wonder where my other ones went..they just disappeared.."

Adam: ::laughing to self:: "I wonder if Brian's figured out I took his glasses!" ::laughs gleefully::

Rob: "I wish I had worn underwear...these leather pants are really chafing me.."

Ben: "...and there's my spout!"

Kyle: ::playing guitar with his teeth:: "Oh crap, my tooth is stuck...ok gotta act cool..." ::five minutes later:: "Um..a little help here?"

Paul: "Aww geez, I need to go to the bathroom..." ::squirming::

Brian: ::notices Adam laughing:: "I bet he took my glasses...that's it, I'm gonna sign him up for the Vanilla Ice Fan Club!"

Paul: " one would even notice....."

Adam: "Dang..where's my apple juice? I put it here somewh......WOAH!!!!! ::hear sounds of amps falling over:: owwww..."

Paul: "Ahhh....much better...."

Rob: "Oh yeah...after the show...PORN BABY!!!! PORN!"

Brian: "Hey, that girl in the audience is pretty's a cross dresser...hey that cross-dresser in the audience is pretty hot!"

Paul: "Band?? I'm in a band!!?"

Kyle: "I'm too sexy for my shirt..too sexy for my sexy it hurts..."

Adam: "Sing a little higher and people'll think I'm inhaling helium between shows."

Yes...keep looking pissed off....I'll just keep snickering

Ben: "I wonder what they would do if I took off my shirt..."

Brian: "Whoooa...down boy...."

Rob: "I'm hungry."

Kyle: "Hey..I wonder whatever happened to my Alf sneakers..."

Ben: "Cool it ladies..all in good time..all in good time."

Adam: "Look at me damn you! Not Rob! Look!"

Unidentified band member: "Damn, he's HOT!!!"