Concert Signs

Where ARE they? A basement?

Other sites like to put up signs that people have actually brought to concerts. But, I always try to be the helpful I came up with a few ideas of my own. These are meant to grab the attention of the band, and have them staring at you in confusion for the rest of the show. And staring at you in confusion is better than them not staring at you at all, am I right? So here's a list of possible signs that are intended to confuse and befuzzle. *Note: Use at own risk.*

- My all time favorite, which was Winnie's idea: 'I AM COMING TO GET YOU!!' (WARNING: May cause several group members to be afraid. This is a very risky sign..although a damn good idea!)

- 'I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE' (another fear-causer)

- 'Paul, I can see up your skirt!'

- 'Houston to Rob, your hatch is open!'

- 'Adam, the mother ship is coming'

- 'LOOKIE at the pretty laster I gots!'

- '(Fill in name of band member here) + Nakedness = GOOD TIME!'

- 'Kyle, there's some dirt on your chin!'


- 'Yanni Forever'

- 'Rob can I have your shoe?' (who knows, maybe he'll give it to ya)

- 'I love Howie Mandel!!'

- On one side: 'You are now entering..the Twilight Zone' On the other side: 'Doo dee do do'

- 'Ben For President!'


- 'I'm having your baby!' (this'll make a few members gulp)

- 'You're having my baby!' (this'll make a few members gulp too)

- On one side: 'I see your heiny all nice and shiney..' On the other side: 'You better hide it before I BITE IT!!!'

- 'Just Thrust It!'

- 'Rob, it's septuplets!'

- 'Where are my damn child support payments?!'