What Rob Likes to do With Beanie Babies

You can't see it...but Rob's holding a Beanie Baby with his left hand....

Ahh...well, if you have ever been to a concert or even read a concert review, you can pretty much figure out that Beanie Babies were popular items to throw onstage during the tours in 1998. They are relatively soft, they fly through the air with the greatest of ease, and it was so adorable to see Rob/Adam/Brian/Kyle/ or maybe even Paul pick one of them little buggers up and toss them to a roadie person offstage. LoL...so anyway...I figured that Rob had to keep at least SOME of these little bean-stuffed animals. And now that the tour is over...they are just sitting in his apartment or wherever he lives. What, oh what, does he do with them now? Let's explore the possibilities...(Thanks to Joan for helping! :))

- Put on imaginary concerts for them in his down time.

- Two words...tea parties.

- Make voodoo dolls of the other band members....not that he would do such a thing...

- Dress various Beanies up and act out Spice Girls concerts!

- Film a cheap horror movie with the Beanies as the main characters.

- See how many new beanies he can can up with and write poems for them too...

- Act out the Riverdance show with them.

- Hand out autographs to them and make believe he's still on tour.

- Re-enacts a Jerry Springer show...(with Rob as Jerry, of course)

- For each Beanie Baby birthday, Rob could celebrate with cake and oreo cookie ice cream...and presents!

- See how many he can stack without them toppling over.

- Have a chess tournament! Or....

- Beauty contests....or....

- Pie making battles....OR...lol

- Pie eating battles!

- Three legged races....although it would be a little lopsided.

- Take them to the movies...the beach..the zoo to visit relatives...

- Build houses for them, or maybe a giant bunk bunk bunk bed for them all.

- Or even better...a miniature tour bus!

- Ask their opinions on what groceries to buy.

- Teach them that drinking and driving is baaaaaaad. (lol, my personal favorite)

- Take them to fancy restaurants and treat them to dinner.