Yahoo! Chat With Rob and Adam

Strike those sassy poses!

This is my creative attempt at totally warping around a recent Yahoo! chat transcript with Rob and Adam that occured on May 5th. Unless otherwise noted, neither of the guys said any of this. Do NOT take it seriously. If you were at the chat and had a question answered, don't be offended if this chat doesn't seem very flattering. It's a joke! And if you want to see the original chat transcript, go here.

Yahoomc: alright enough wasting time -- here's matchbox20!!!
matchbox20_live: Adam: I just want to say, Rob, it's great having you here! I mean, it's REALLY good.
matchbox20_live: Rob: I know. I rule everything. I'm the king of the world!!!!

jcrunkgrl asks: Whats it like being so popular with the teenage girls?
matchbox20_live: Rob: It's great! They give me cool presents. I sell all the Beanie Babies I get and make a cool fortune on it. Most of my money comes from my on-the-side Beanie Baby business. Soon I'll be richer than Bill Gates. And twice as fine. All the girls tell me I am fine. I am DAMN fine, aren't I?

LoLojc8876 asks: When are you touring and who is touring with you?
matchbox20_live: Adam: We are gonna start touring in ten years. We want to make you all wait forever! We also want to see if we lose any of our popularity. We are a very experimental band.

duckbeat asks: I'm in a working band, and it seems to me that when trying to figure out "push" and "3am", the guitars are tuned low... but not down to d. Where do you tune and why?
matchbox20_live: Adam: Huh? What's a guitar?

Princesse_BROK asks: do your friends treat you differently now that your so famous?
matchbox20_live: Rob: Yes. I made them all become my servants. They give me weekly manicures and hair trimmings. They love it too!
matchbox20_live: Adam: I have people coming to my house claiming to be my friends. I don't think they are, but since I am so nice and trusting I let them in and give them homemade cookies. Then usually I find something missing later, like a crystal glass or a television set. I'm sure I just misplaced them though.

LuvinAdamMb20 asks: Adam? Do you enjoy it when people call you sillypants? (mischevious smile)
matchbox20_live: Adam: Oh yes. It's much fun. It makes me melt when someone calls me that.
matchbox20_live: Rob: I call him that all the time.
matchbox20_live: Adam: Rob is the pan on the oven and I'm the butter! I melt all over him!

alwaysnumber1guy asks: When is your next CD coming out, and what will it be called?
matchbox20_live: Rob: I'm peeing right now! Adam's wearing slippers, and Rob's peeing! (LOL they actually included these statements in the answer, so I just kept them. It was too good to pass up.)

Princesse_BROK asks: did you ever get detention in school? and why?
matchbox20_live: Rob: I was too busy with my lemonade business to actually go to school and get in trouble. I didn't go to school until I was 15. Me no liked school none. It make head hurt. Ow.
matchbox20_live: Adam: Uh oh, Rob's regressing back to his early high school years! Everyone run for your lives!!

mike_0212 asks: Rob, whats your reaction to Stephen Jenkins (3rd eye) going off on your band in RS magazine?
matchbox20_live: Rob: He will meet his revenge soon ::glances at watch:: Just wait.
matchbox20_live: Adam: Rob is making his computer debut with his webpage, "Why Stephen Jenkins is a Big Meanie Poo" It's snappy!

Ariana98_98 asks: What is your favorite food?
matchbox20_live: Rob: I don't really care, as long as I can take it forcibly away from Paul. I like to annoy him that way.
matchbox20_live: Adam: Paul has been getting very skinny lately.
matchbox20_live: Rob: He hasn't been eating much.

cab928 asks: where are kyle, paul and bryan?
matchbox20_live: Adam: Well, for one thing, it's Brian. B R I A N. Um, last time I checked, they had joined up with a traveling circus. I think that Kyle was a lion tamer...or maybe he was the lion...Paul was a tightrope walker, and Brian was one of dem guys who rides on an elephant on his head.

Guppy_da_fish asks: Who are your biggest influences, and how did you start out??
matchbox20_live: Adam: My biggest influence was defintely John Travolta. That guy could shake his groove thing!
matchbox20_live: Rob: My biggest influence is and always will be Milli Vanilli. They had dance moves that were right on, and you have got to love those short pants they wore!
matchbox20_live: Adam: We started out as a group that did New Kids on the Block covers. When we realized that wasn't working out, we started writing our own stuff.

Back2Blah asks: Adam do you have any embarassing moments on stage?
matchbox20_live: Adam: So, so many I can't even count. Like the time I was bopping around, lost in my own world, when I bumped into Rob and knocked him offstage, right onto an obsessed girl. It was tough, man. It took five hours to pry them apart.
matchbox20_live: Rob: It wasn't fun. That girl had a grip of steel.
matchbox20_live: Adam: Sorry Rob.
matchbox20_live: Rob: It's cool Adam.

gregseguin asks: how long did you have to play in like clubs and stuff untill you became really popular?
matchbox20_live: Adam: We're really popular? Oh yeah, I guess we are.
matchbox20_live: Rob: I'll be darned. We ARE really popular! ::head swells to twice its normal size::

Ariana98_98 asks: Where is the best place to rehearse besides the studio?
matchbox20_live: Adam: The FBI building in Washington. We can steal some suits and pretend to be FBI agents! Once I got sent to Siberia on a spying mission. It was cool!

LauraRudyToot asks: If you cross your eyes for a long time will they get stuck?
matchbox20_live: Rob: Hang on let me try....::five minutes later:: Yes. Damn.
matchbox20_live: Adam: Poor, crossed eyed Rob. Losing more fans by the second. More for me!

Dont_Let_Me_Down_Kyle asks: Where can I send adam some baby heads?
matchbox20_live: Adam: I don't need any more baby heads. I enjoy making out with the ones I have.

jason_7455 asks: If the Smurfs and Snorks were to get in an all out war....who would win?
matchbox20_live: Rob: Very good question. I' ve always been suspicious about the Smurfs. Why are they so blue? But, what are these alleged "Snorks?" I can't answer this. I'm handing it over to Adam. I need to go out for a smoke.
matchbox20_live: Adam: Well, since I majored in Snorkology in college, I can defintely say that they would win. With their guerilla tactics, they would comepletely catch the peaceful, fun-loving Smurfs off guard. I don't even think the Smurfs have a standing army, just in case of these kind of situations. They are soo not prepared for anything that could happen, be it a hawk attack or a war with the Snorks. Hmm..I know the cheif Smurf personally. I should tell him he needs to build up his defenses.
matchbox20_live: Rob: I'm back. If anyone cares. But you all do. I know it. ::head swells some more::

Nautica_girl6 asks: what is the song titled "push" specifically about?
matchbox20_live: Rob: It's about prancing in a field of flowers. It's very subtle, but it's there.

drkwlf asks: Hey Rob, if you had to do any job, but sing, what would it be?
matchbox20_live: Rob: Porn actor.
matchbox20_live: Adam: Nice!
matchbox20_live: Rob: Or a professional hair stylist.
matchbox20_live: Adam: That's interesting Rob, I didn't know you had an interest in that. Hey, does my haircut flatter my face?
matchbox20_live: Rob: Oh yes Adam, it's much better than what you had before.
matchbox20_live: Adam: I wanted to look like Richard Simmons, but I also had problems with getting into tight exercise outfits and galloping around and screaming, "I'm a pony! I'm a pony!"
matchbox20_live: Rob: Remember Adam, you did try that once. I'm glad I got it on tape. It'll be very useful someday.
matchbox20_live: Adam: You taped that?! Oh no...

guy_in_khakis_1 asks: What's up with the camel in the bowling alley??
matchbox20_live: Rob: That wasn't a camel. It was actually my brother. He really wanted to be in the video. Why, did it look like a camel? He has an overabundance of body hair. He should really see the doctor about that.

ladylove_41 asks: whats the most extreme thing a fan has done to get your guys attention?
matchbox20_live: Rob: There was that crazy girl with the Koosh shooter.
matchbox20_live: Adam: No, no it was two girls. They shot Kooshes at us from the second row. One of them hit Rob in the face.
matchbox20_live: Rob: Yeah, and then I took it and flung it back at the girls. I bet they weren't expecting THAT!

Princesse_BROK asks: If you could take 3 things to a deserted island what would it be?
matchbox20_live: Adam: Oh this is good! Um, I would take my baby heads, 'cause you know...I need those. Annnddd I would probably take Kyle, so he could climb the trees and get food for me. Then I would take a computer. I like computers.
matchbox20_live: Rob: Adam, man, you can't use a computer without a plug.
matchbox20_live: Adam: Oh, right. Fudge.

lila_6581 asks: What warm-up and vocal exercises do you do before a performance?
matchbox20_live: I drink warm beer. That warms me up.
matchbox20_live: Rob: Then I shake my groove thing around to make sure I still got phat moves. Then I wiggle my finger to loosen that up.

grlgibson20 asks: i heard kyle and paul have contributed songs to the album. Will they also be singing them?
matchbox20_live: Rob: Paul is going to rap his entire song. He's a mad rapper!
matchbox20_live: Adam: He knows how to kick it.
matchbox20_live: Rob: And Kyle is gonna sing a song entirely in a first soprano voice. He sounds like a girl! It's really funny.

dustykim asks: Can you eat 10 Cheeseburgers when it is 50cent Cheeseburger sunday at mcdonlads?
matchbox20_live: Adam: There's a fifty cent cheeseburger Sunday at McDonald's? SWEET! I can eat five hundred!!! How much is that? Five dollars?

Kim_berley22 asks: How do you guys eat a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup?
matchbox20_live: Rob: I have it injected directly into my veins. Nothing like chocolate to run through your system!

abercrombie_softball asks: Are you guys going to make another music video soon?
matchbox20_live: Adam: Yup. Even though there won't be a song in the background playing, we are still gonna make a video for the hell of it.
matchbox20_live: Rob: This time, we are gonna have backup dancers. What are their names? Uh...Oh yeah, The Downtown Boyz. How cool are we.

feobie asks: i want to be a song writer too any suggestions?
matchbox20_live: Rob: Write songs while drunk. All my best songs were written when I couldn't count my own fingers.

SueCol asks: Rob what is your worst fear?
matchbox20_live: Rob: Finding out I'm unattractive to the 12-18 year old demographic.
matchbox20_live: Adam: Finding out Rob may be unattractive.

gap_ak asks: So where do you guys think you will be in ten years?
matchbox20_live: Rob: Singing backup for the Spice Girls.
matchbox20_live: Adam: Paul would enjoy that.

pRaider77 asks: Rob are you going to try and play at woodstock at all?
matchbox20_live: Rob: Yeah, we are gonna dig an underground tunnel and sneak in and see if we can get onstage. Then I'm gonna stage dive and sing while being passed around the audience on my back.
matchbox20_live: Adam: Oh that sounds like fun! I wanna do that too.

PhooFiter asks: Are you going to celebrate Cinco de Mayo tonight?
matchbox20_live: Rob: I'm sorry, I don't speak French, what does that mean?
matchbox20_live: Adam: Rob, that's Spanish..
matchbox20_live: Rob: Oh. What does it mean?
matchbox20_live: Adam: It's May fifth, when the Mexicans gained their independence. It's a time of great joy for the Mexicans, and great parties for anyone who just wants an excuse to get drunk.

domino_78 asks: Hey Rob...could you please give me an idea what to name our baby if it's a girl. If it's a boy we're naming it after Stevie Ray Vaughan
matchbox20_live: Rob: I've always liked the name Artemis Roy.

PhooFiter asks: What is your favorite song to play live?
matchbox20_live: Rob: The song that doesn't end. After about three hours of it, people start throwing things on stage, like money and other stuff.
matchbox20_live: Adam: Yes it goes on and on my friend....some people...started singing it not knowing what it was..
matchbox20_live: Rob: ...but they'll continue singing it forever just because....this is the song that doesn't end...

Crash_Of_99 asks: Do you appreciate female streakers/flashers?
matchbox20_live: Adam: There are streakers and flashers? How come I never notice these things?!
matchbox20_live: Rob: I wish Paul would do that.

lewhmanchu asks: if you could travel with any other band and do shows who would it be?
matchbox20_live: Rob: Soundgarden. They rule!
matchbox20_live: Adam: Rob, man they broke up.
matchbox20_live: Rob: Well darn it to heck.

Teresad3 asks: Hey guys, if you could be a superhero (like in realworld) who would it be and why??
matchbox20_live: Rob: Um..I'd be Paul. He's my hero.
matchbox20_live: Adam: I'd be Joey. He's everything I wish I was.
matchbox20_live: Rob: Paul's better than Joey.
matchbox20_live: Adam: No he's not! ::runs away, crying hysterically, then comes back a few minutes later::

shock65 asks: What movie do you watch most on the road???
matchbox20_live: Rob: Um, I don't watch movies. I don't watch TV. Didn't you know those were just the medians used by the government to convey subliminal messages?! I mean, oh my God, I am NOT about to go down like THAT! NO WAY MAN! YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!!!!
matchbox20_live: Adam: Rob, calm down, you look a little bloated.
matchbox20_live: Rob: Could you note that I'm peeing again! (Dually noted Rob. Thank you for that insight. [Yes, this is another actual Rob quote..he makes it too easy])

Brokendali asks: Is it true that you picked your fiancee out of a crowd at one of your concerts?
matchbox20_live: Rob: I'm engaged?! ::spaced look::

Next_01 asks: Do any of you consider doing side projects while on break from recording your new album?
matchbox20_live: Rob: I took on a lot of odd jobs to support my..I mean, 'cause you can never have too much money. Like, I work at the local zoo, I drive taxis, I sell products at Bath and Body Works..I do lots of stuff!
matchbox20_live: Adam: I just follow Rob around and make fun of him.
matchbox20_live: Rob: You know Adam, there's this old woman who does that, but I haven't seen you around.
matchbox20_live: Adam: Haha...think about that Rob.

Heidi_of_the_Alps asks: Are you ever going to releace 'hang' as a single? It's one of my more favourite songs off of the album...
matchbox20_live: Adam: Have you heard Kyle sing Hang in concert? He sounds funny. ::giggles like a schoolgirl::

susanna_d_crude_99 asks: why did you name yourself matchbox20
matchbox20_live: Rob: We wanted to have that stupid image for our band, and Matchbox20 was the stupidest name we could think of.

matchbox20_live: Adam: Resign and make my Vice President, Joey, the President, 'cause I think he would do such a better job than I would! (Check out the top ten lists..."Why Joey should run for President")

arc74 asks: Do you guy's ever hit writers block? And if so what do you do to break it?
matchbox20_live: Rob: If I have writer's block, I get my hammer, right on, and I break it with that. I have a headache.
matchbox20_live: Adam: Rob, dude, you're bleeding...

Matchbox20YeahBaby asks: once the album is out, how soon will yall start touring again?
matchbox20_live: Didn't we already answer this? CAN'T YOU PEOPLE PAY ATTENTION?! FREAKS!

LoLojc8876 asks: What kind of cars do you all drive??? Just curious...yall have really great taste!
matchbox20_live: Rob: I drive a taxi. Since we've stopped touring, I need some other source of income for my..I mean...well 'cause I seem to have spent all my money on..I wait..
matchbox20_live: Adam: I stole the tour bus last week. I've been cruising around in that, picking up chicks, you know, doing what guys in bands do.

MikeD9786 asks: How was your day?
matchbox20_live: Adam: It was OK. I mean I got up at six, didn't even go anywhere until ten, went out to the grocery store to pick up a few necessities, then let's see..I went to the bank to get a new checkbook of that design, you know, "Stills from Steamboat Willie" where they have that cartoon in the background..and then I went to this video was called "Rent Adult Movies Here," and I rented a movie...then I went home and watched it..good stuff. Then someone came over to my house. They said they were my cousin, but I don't know about that now. Then I went to make myself a microwavable dinner, but I found that my mircowave was gone. Odd. But then someone else came to my house and told me I had to come with them. I did, and that's how I ended up here.

Magic_Witch_Girl asks: Do you think chatting is bad for kids?
matchbox20_live: Adam: Yes, but you have to do it right. Chat 24-7, never ever going outside or eating or ANYTHING! You have to make it your life. That's when you get the full experience of chatting.
matchbox20_live: Rob: I like carrots.

daisy15_br asks: If you were an animal, what animal would you be, and why?
matchbox20_live: Adam: A laughing hyiena. I wanna find out what's so damn funny!
matchbox20_live: Rob: I'd be a horney toad. The name says it all.

l3abyGirl_99 asks: Do you ever look back and wonder how this all happened
matchbox20_live: Rob: I don't have to look back. I know how it happened. It was ALL ME BABY! ALL ME!! I get all the credit! ::head swells to near breaking point::

silver_snowgirl asks: Has there ever been a time where you were going to quit the group? Why?
matchbox20_live: Adam: No, but there have been times when I've almost gotten fired. Take last week for, I didn't know that gasoline was flammable! So I blew something up...the bus...but really..I mean, that wasn't really my fault...I mean, yeah, I'll take the heat for stealing the bus, but I certainly didn't mean to make it explode! ::sniff::

celticangel_99 asks: Is there any hostility between the band members about the attention that Rob gets?
matchbox20_live: Adam: Oh yes. We are all very bitter. You can't see it right now, but I have Rob in a choke hold.
matchbox20_live: Rob:
matchbox20_live: Adam: Rob...say it...say I'm pretty! NOW!
matchbox20_live: Rob: You're pretty Adam! Let go! ::Adam lets go::

RobsGurl20 asks: How often do you go in your official MB20 Chatroom on the website?
matchbox20_live: Rob: Wait..wait..we have a website?
matchbox20_live: Adam: Yes Rob. You should check it out Rob. It's at, your holiness.
matchbox20_live: Rob: Cool!'re being sarcastic, aren't you Adam? Very funny. Ha. Well computers are just too advanced for my brain to comprehend, so I won't even try. I need to go home anyway and take a bubble bath.
matchbox20_live: Adam: Yeah, I need to go pick up some Dr. Seuss books at the library. Them's good readin'!
Yahoomc: Thanks guys -- This was a blast -- Good Night, everybody!