Song Stories

Let me just say I came up with this idea while in a long car ride one early morning to Magic Kingdom in Disney World. I was half asleep. I have no idea how this idea hit me, but it did. These are called "song stories" (as is obvious by the title). These are fictitious stories where the characters (for the most part) talk entirely with song lyrics. If it doesn't make sense now, it will when you start reading. But, a few things first. DO NOT take any of these off this site. This is the one original idea I've ever had, and I hold it dear. So that leads me to my next thing. PLEASE do not steal this idea. I know how easily we all do it, but please, please, please don't take this one. I've rattled my brain long hours to come up with these, and I'd like the idea to stay right here. Ok, now that I've gotten that out, choose a song you like and get readin'!

Matchbox Twenty songs

Real World


Back 2 Good




Non-Matchbox Twenty songs

Sailing (Christopher Cross)

Wonderwall (Oasis)