The History of Rain In Boxes

Well, the site was started on or around August 14, 1998 by an avid matchbox twenty fan who went by the name of Fjord. She started this site so that she could show the world her love for the band.

She told one of her online friends, zindo, how she had started the site. She let zindo see it even before it was ready for public viewing, and zindo thought that it was about the coolest thing ever. Zindo had in fact wanted to start a site, but for some still unknown reason, her parents were against it. Fjord, being her gracious self, asked zindo if she wanted to help out with the site. Zindo accepted immediately, and a partnership was formed.

Things were going well, but unfortunately some time during November of 1998 Fjord disappeared. We still do not know what happened to her and hope everything's okay, and zindo continued working on the site by herself.

Time passes, and in July of 1999 Rain In Boxes went through its first of several change of addresses (from to Geocities). Zindo toodled along doing her thing, trying out different layouts for the site (how was she to know people wouldn't be supportive of a layout consisting of thirteen frames? lol). One day in August of 2000 she was talking to her friend Winnie (also a huge matchbox twenty fan), and she came up with the idea of having Winnie help her on her site, since she had contributed so much anyway. Winnie accepted faster than you can say 'cheese' and a new partnership was formed. Woohoo.

Winnie and zindo toodled along, going to matchbox twenty concerts and listening to matchbox twenty (you know, the usual). Rain In Boxes' second home, Geocities, suddenly became vicious and erased almost all of the picture accounts zindo and Winnie had set up, and zindo got mad. She talked to her computer-genius brother, Euros were exchanged (I don't know who the hell he knows to whom he has to pay Euros, but whatever), and Rain In Boxes got its own domain. Zindo's parents are now strangely supportive.

Rain In Boxes depends heavily on the contributions of others, and billions of thanks goes out to everyone who has submitted pictures, obsession signs, reviews, and the like. We seriously love doing this and if it wasn't for the fans' support, we would have faded away a long time ago. You all rock! :)