We get a lot of questions from fellow webmasters asking if they can use what we have on our site. Instead of responding to the many emails we get with questions regarding our material, we thought it'd be best to post our policies regarding the two most popular sections people want to borrow from right here. :)


Except for fan pictures, and those with writing in the middle of the picture instead of in the corner, the pictures are up for grabs. I know some sites don't like people to take their pictures...which is understandable if you put forth considerable energy to find them. But it's too much effort on our parts to care, so you can take them for your sites. All we ask is that if you take a picture with our address on it, to please not remove the address. These are our scanned pictures, so we'd like to keep the address there..that's all. Enjoy! :)

As for the fan pictures and the ones with writing in the middle, those cannot be taken off the site. We were given special permission to use them. If you would like to use them for your site, you need to contact the people themselves.


If an article has writing in red at the top saying 'please do not take this article/interview...' please DON'T take it. If you ask, we'll probably let you have it, but please don't just take it...anything else can be used, though. Go crazy!

Anything else

I suppose anything else will really go on a case by case basis. If you want to borrow something, all you have to do is email us and we'll let you know. Generally we let people have whatever they want, but we'd appreciate the asking. :)