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"I personally think it's really obvious. Especially the one line in the song (that says), 'I want to take you for granted.' That gives the song away. [on "Push"]

"We're just excited. We're just happy. But I'm sure the whole thing could just fall apart tomorrow."

"We want people to come see us and walk out saying 'That's the best live band I've ever seen.' Are we there yet? Hell no. But that's what we'd like."

"Hey, someday we'll be big stars!"

"We're huge Neil Diamond fans."

"I'm into drummers."

"A lot of my favorite songs don't even have drums on them, which is kind of ironic."

"So when this whole 'devil that is the music business' opened its arms to me, I was like, 'Right on, I was expecting you.'"

"I can't listen to our record. It drives me nuts..."

"But now, I can change it live, and then I go back and listen and go, ‘Oh wait, that part that I love now is not even in the song.’ But it's a damn good first record on our part. I don't want to sound egotistical, but I am proud of it."

"I can't knock it, because I thought of it. I can knock Rob's songs, but I can't knock the name."

"Ask me any song, and I'll knock it."

"We make a real conscious effort to try to talk to our fans as much as we possibly can."

"We've established our fan club so we can do things in print, because there was print, way back in the day..."

"I'm not rich and famous, so I don't know how it would affect me."

"I don't want to be a dick."

"It would be nice to give my parents money for once instead of them giving me money all the time."

"If I wasn't a musician? Rob and I have had this dream that we'd want to work on a fishing boat in South America. I hate fish and don't even like water but I think it would be cool to say, 'Hey, I work on a fishing boat in South America.'"

"I remember we were at a record store doing an autograph signing, and people were crying. I was thinking, 'What the hell? Are you sick? Did you get hurt?'"

"Whoa. I feel like Duran Duran."

"We have a security guard now." [Yeah, Jason!]

"A lot of people like us. And there are a couple people who can type that don't. They have every right not to like us. I don't like a lot of bands. But I think it's stupid to continue to write about it."

"We have never intentionally been mean to any person."

"We'll be back."

"Any kind of noise fascinates me. ... I'm so sick of normal sounds."

"We connect with the common man."

"Jewel has sold a few more thousand albums than we have, but we're right on her butt."

"We're giving the audience plenty of eye candy."

"We do. I'll just tell you, speaking for the other bandmates point of view, it makes meeting women really hard. The competition is just [whistles]." [on whether the band mates resent Rob being on of People’s 50 most beautiful]

"So I'm actually scared to come off the road -- now I have to go find an apartment, go buy furniture."

"It didn't just go 'Boom!'"

"I love playing music. We all love playing music."

"I used to be Madonna or Suzi Quatro."

"We're spoiled rotten."

"I've been told on numerous occasions we have an Australian sense of humour."

"But Kyle's got the coolest movies in this band. Kyle's got a nice ass. That's the thing that drives Matchbox 20 - we are striving to have Kyle's ass."

"I am constantly researching in anything - it could be an artist or a butter commercial. I am constantly looking for groove ideas."

"I don't have that kind of life. I live a very normal life when I am not working."

"We're going to tour and tour and tour and tour and that's pretty much it!...well, besides tour."