Paul Facts

Short Bio:
Paul Doucette is matchbox twenty's drummer. He comes from just outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (North Huntingdon, to be exact), and was born Aug. 22nd, 1972. He was the one who came up with the name for the band. When he worked as a waiter, one day he saw a man wearing a jacket covered with patches. The only two patches he could make out were a number 20 patch and one for matchbox cars. Hence, matchbox 20 (or matchbox twenty, if you will). He originally wanted to use the name for a clothing company he wanted to launch, but it instead went to the band. Paul can play a lot of other instruments as well as the drums, including the flute.

Random Facts:

- Paul's full name is Paul John Doucette

- he is 5'4"

- he wears size 8 shoes

- Paul lives in Los Angeles

- he knew he wanted to be a musician at age 10

- at age 13 he and some friends started a band and he played drums in it

- Paul likes eating at Subway

- he doesn't like or understand the internet

- he's a hard-core Democrat

- he has a unique sense of style

- he loves dogs

- Paul has a thing for Claire Danes

- his fave song on YOSLY is Push

- he doesn't like performing Tired

- he's a big fan of REM

- Paul used to dye his hair a lot, but recently he's let it grow out, and he's also been wearing a knitted cap

- he likes to get clothes from the Salvation Army

- the video for Real World was mostly his idea

- he likes mohair sweaters, like the Versace Mohair one he's wearing in "3 AM" video