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Ok, this page is for you guys. Do you have an opinion on Matchbox 20 or something Matchbox 20 related? Want to share it with the world? Here's your chance. You can say anything you want and it will be posted on this page. You can say if you're upset about one thing, if you like another, whatever. You can talk about rumors you've heard or respond to what someone else has posted here. I will post everything that I get, but I do reserve the right to censor words I deem harsh. So here's your chance. Go to the form at the bottom of the page and talk about anything you want. Venting is good. (The newest stuff is at the bottom)

About your opinions on the TS thing. You got a couple of things mix up. They are not sueing Rob Thomas and the rest of MB20 for stealing the tune of 3am. You ""can't"" reserve rights on melodies, only lyrics. They are sueing MB20 on breech of contract. John and Jay are sueing Matt Sertlic because he made improper contract deals. Matt did not want to do a one cd deal like John and Jay wanted. John and Jay wanted a one cd deal to see how things would work out for the band. Rob, seeing as a once in a life opportunity, had to go for what Matt S. wanted, which was a long term contract ( I do not know how long though ). So Rob did what he had to do? Was it right? I don't think so, but it's also hard to get a record deal. Most artist don't get one. I probably would of done it. hehehe. Tell you the truth, I think Matt S. is screwing MB20 over, but that is my opinion.

The above was submitted by Mike, who was the inspiration for this page. After I told him of my idea, he wrote back giving me more of his thoughts, which are posted below.

Yea. MB20 are in their prime. I got into them when Push came out. MTV was so hard on them, labeling them one hit wonders. I have never seen the Long Day video. Long Day, the unheard single. Rob is getting screwed by Matt S. They need to tour less and make more music. They are not that talented musically, Rob does really carry the band. He is more than capable of going solo. (Smooth proves it, even though I consider that song not living up to his potential.)

Submitted by Margo:
I think that matchbox20 are 5 extremley talented guys. It's not all Rob. Don't get me wrong, he's extremely talented. But the music wouldn't be there if the rest of the guys weren't there. They ALL are very talented, not just Rob.

Submitted by DeeAe:
MB20 is, in my opinion, one of the best bands to come around in the nineties. I do agree with Mike in the sense that Rob really does carry the band, but each of the guys brings something to the band. You could replace one of them, but you couldn't replace their personality or the connection the band has. They are all talented musicians. I love them all!!! I also think they need new music out soon and this whole waiting thing is really stupid cuz I know people that are really getting sick of MB20 BECAUSE they don't have new music, not because they've been "in the world's face" too long. I know I need new music and MB20 has been waiting way too long. "Smooth" is the best song out there right now, so everybody please vote for it on TRL. Thanks.

Submitted by "Just a MB20 Fan":
I agree with everyone here who says that mb20 isn't mb20 without ALL of them. Mb20 is all five guys, and yes, possibly even Joey. They are more than a band, they are a group of guys who get a kick out of what they are doing, and may I say they are doing it very well.

Submitted by Mo:
I don't know about you guys, but even though I think Rob could definately make it as a solo artist, he would be a HUGE asshole for doing that. I'd kick him in the nuts next time I see him. I agree that all five (or six) of MB20 is what makes them up, and none of them could ever be replaced. They're special! The most important thing in a band is the member's chemistry, and without that, the music won't be the same, or will anything else for that matter. I guess as time and success goes on it's harder for band members because of all the pressure, which is probably happened to TS. I think "Smooth" is a great song, too, for a first-time solo thing, but if Rob pulls a Bonehead or Guisgy Oasis thing, I'll listen to his music but will miss the rest of them (and kick Rob in the nuts next time I see him.) Lastly, does anyone know when the new stuff is supposed to be out? Late December, or January??

Submitted by Danno The Manno/ featuring bobspants:
You know....i just like 'em....I'm a heterosexual I can't really say nothin about the guys and all....but yeah. I like 'em....I guess. hehe.

Submitted by Harry:
Hmm, someone will prolly come shoot me tonight, but I don't really like Smooth as a song. Rob is a really cool singer, but that song doesn't really do it for me. I don't really dig that kind of music anyway. I more like Matchbox 20 as a band, not Rob Thomas singing for a Santana song. Matchbox 20's music is the kind of music I like and the similar bands with great lyrics and music, Counting Crows, Ben Folds Five, Watchmen etc etc etc. And another thing (sorry, I'm not getting off this soapbox) here, all the teenyboppers have moved in on Smooth like seagulls descend on chips! I guess that kind of turned me off the song, coming to school and seeing all the teenybopper Britney Spears people saying "Ohh, I love that song Smooth" Garr. My teenybopper sister (they're everywhere man) downloaded the mp3 (the cheap-o) and I feel like being sick everytime I come out to the computer room to see her making up a dance to Smooth. Blergh. It was even worse when she compared the song to a Ricky Martin song. Stop the Smooth Madness! I say.

Submitted by Jonathan:
NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Mb20 is all of the guys, which means, Rob, Kyle, Adam, Brian, Paul, and Joey. The music is just wrong without all of them. The setting is off, and well, man, it just ain't matchbox20.

Submitted by Harry:
Wow, I was just watching Channel V, the music channel, and there was a special on Livid 98. Anyway, one of the presenters was interviewing the Dandy Warhols whose lead singer had a few things to say about Rob. He said stuff about Matchbox20's music sucking but what really got to me were these quotes about Rob: "When you can get over your vanity enough to pile on the pounds, then I truly admire you..." and "20 years down the track Rob Thomas is going to be remembered as one of the greatest heavies of the late 20th century in rock" What they said about Matchbox20's music didn't really bother me because I think that's all about personal choice but when they're being mean to Rob about his looks, what's that all about? Hmmm.. stupid Dandy Warhols.

Submitted by Magnas:
Matchbox 20 is a great band, but they are a band. Everyone talks about how great Rob is. Without music to go along with his words, Rob is reading poetry. I've seen him play the guitar; the way he strums it drives me crazy. He doesn't strum it right! Also, if he can play the piano, why doesn't he play it instead of relying of Matt or Joey? I hope you all realize that "Smooth" was written by him and another songwriter. So if he did go solo, he'd either be like Elton John or a backstreet boy who can't dance.

Submitted by Rachel:
WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? Robbie does not carry the band!! If Kyle left, their music would sound soooooooooooo different, and the same for Paul, Adam, Pookie, and even Joey. If any of you have the live from Australia movie and the Tabitha's Secret cd, listen to the song "Tired" in the movie and then listen to it on the cd...THEY ARE TWO DIFFERENT SONGS WITHOUT KYLE, JOEY, and ADAM!!! GET HELP PEOPLE!!

Submitted by Jessie:
ok,... first of all, I agree with that Harry guy. I hate when people starting talking about Rob's body as if it has everything to do with his singing and song-writing skills. the lead 'singer'(term used loosely) of Third Eye Blind said that Rob was a fat bastard or something too. That guy writes songs that all sound the same and he's making comments about Rob's body!! I mean, really,... what's that about??? secondly,.... I think Rob could make it on his own. He's very talented. however, that isn't to say that the rest of the guys aren't. they all add something to the band and that's why they rock! If Rob were ever to go solo it wouldn't be the same, but he'd definitely make it. I think they all feed off each other when they're preforming so, they work well together. Thirdly, I have a question... who sings for Tabitha's Secret now? They just released a live cd and I was just wondering if anyone knew who sings for them now. Can anyone help me out on this?? thanks for your time,...(Zindo's note: I think the band broke up after Rob, Brian, and Paul left...because after they left, the Tabitha's Secret consisted of only two guitarists...the live album is from their old, old stuff when the band still existed...and when Rob still sang for them :)).

Submitted by Sarah:
All of you are crazy! Get a grip, people, do you honestly think Kyle, Adam, Brain or Paul could be replaced?!?!? I'm sorry, but there's a certain chemistry that must be present for a band to make it, and the boys are just lucky enough to have gotten that together. If you replace one of them, the chemistry isn't there, and everyting falls apart. Also, I dunno why we're talking about Rob going solo, he never would. (Watch him go solo now that I said that) So I guess that's all I had to say. Matchbox love...

Submitted by Niky:
S**t there's so much stuff I could say here but everyone seems to be having a rave about people leaving the band so I will to. OK. Yeah. Great, umm....okay yeah the band wouldn't be the same without Paul, Joey, Kyle, Adam and Brian because they are the vibe of their music, but i still reckon Rob would sound fantastic without other instruments (what I would give to hear him sing with no background music P.S. can anyone help me out on that one?) but yeah, you know. They band would, well, suck if the other left or were replaced.
Oh, and I don't particularly like Marisol and if Rob leaves and it's cos of her I swear I'll travel all the way to America from Australia and track her down and kill her, or at least shove Paul's drumstick up her butthole (heh).
Anyway, to the non-violent side of me. Matchbox Twenty, as they are now, mean the most to me (other than my family and friends) that anything has ever meant to me before and when I hear Rob sing it's impossible to describe the feelings that I get (do you get that cool tingly thing too?[LOL yes I do :)]). So often I get depressed and If I can't get hold of mb20 music for some crazy reason (I carry a diskman with their CD everywhere!) I go crazy. I just know I need to listen to one song...push usually, and I'm happy again. It's one of those unexplainable little things. Bent is the most fantastic song and from the first note of the first time i heard it I knew, I knew it would be their best album yet. Once I left my mb20 CD at my best friends house (WHY WHY WHY!!!???) and I didn't get it back for a month because she was slack. I had their video but I couldn't always watch it. That was torture. I was yelling at her by the time I got it back!!!!!! hehe. Well this is pertty damn long now so I'll break off and give you a breather,
love to all you mbx fanx out there

Submitted by Emily:
Okay...what's up with them spelling out the "twenty" in their name???? It screams SELL OUT! I mean, the only reason they did it was probably cuz their manager or record lable told them to. Personally, I like the numeral 20 better but...
Well, WAHOO!!! Just 13 more days until the new CD comes out... Has anyone seen the video for "BENT"? TRL premiered it yesterday (or so I heard), but I didn't get to see it. I'm sure that it lives up to the high quality Matchbox Twenty ("20" spelled out despite my objections...)always provides...
As Niky said, she went crazy without hearing the CD for such a long time...I know exactly what you mean...I go more than a couple of days and I start to suffer withdrawl...
BTW, if any of you guys haven't checked out the Tabatha's Secret CD, get it! The CD (although not as good as YOURSELF OR SOMEONE...) kicks @$$!!! Enjoy!

Submitted by "rob freak":
I think in pictures they should smile once in a while!!!!!!! And also I think Rob should win a award for being the cutest man in the galaxy!!!!!!!!!!!! :) (lol, thank you for that note rob freak :))

Submitted by Sarah:
Okay...I just read like the first few comment thingy's and most of them are calling Smooth an inferior song!!! I agree with the teenybopper guy, but I really like that song!!!! I mean, it's ROB, how much more can you want???????

Alright.. enough complaining....I just wanted to say that I am a REALLY BIG matchbox 20 fan. I like this site a lot,too, esp. the pictures (I really looove the Rob pics!!!!Do I sound like I pick favorites????^_~ I don't try to!!!!)

Alright, I lied... I have one more thing to say. If I went to a concert, I would throw those little glow in the dark plastic frogs on probably dont care, but I figure, that way they can see them and I can watch where they land!!! I'd probably purposely chuck one at Rob just because he's soooo adorable, and I might get some attention, 2!!!!

Okay.. now im rambling on....Alright....just STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT SMOOTH. KNOCK IT THE HELL OFF, 'KAY????????!!!!!!!!

These two are submitted by Phillipa Wright:
Matchbox Twenty are the best because they are a band with togetherness, LOVE THEM ALL

John Lennon was good, ROB is better

(I would just like to state now that Rain In Boxes does not necessarily agree with all that is said here, but we respect other's opinions all the same :))

Submitted by Laury:
Actually my opinion is about this wonderful, beautiful, hell of a Matchbox 20 page! I just have to say that I come to this page just about everyday (I know I have no life) It makes me soooo happy to know there are some folks out there who love Matchbox 20 ALMOST as much as me! So anyway my point was thanks a bunch Winnie and Zindo!
::blushes:: Aw gee! :)

Submitted by Lauren:
Okay, these are my opinions about everything everybody has talked about on this page......
The Tabitha's Secret thing, I don't really know much about any legal kinda stuff but my guess is that Jay and John are pissed cuz they didn't join Paul, Rob, and Brian and become all sucessful and famous, so they want money. But I don't really know that's just my guess! The Rob vs. the band thing, Rob is a great artist he could be a solo artist but that would not be as good as having matchbox 20. I love EVERYONE in matchbox 20 and I would probably die if anyone of them ever quit. The "Smooth" thing, I love the song but I totally understand why people are mad about it being a teenybopper song. The Rob's weight thing, it makes me so mad that some people would rather talk about Rob's weight than his song writing. As for the jackass's who made fun of him they are just ignorant and don't care about other peoples feelings. Personally I think Rob is sexy no matter what and he looked just as adorable when he was chubbier. ANYWAY, you all are probably wishing I'd shut up already so good bye, love and matchbox joy to everyone!
As for the Rob and John Lennon thing(LOL) ha ha I love them both but Rob looks better in leather pants :)

Submitted by Jo:
I have so much to say, but most of it would just be a carbon copy of what's already been posted. So on to another topic: "The New Left" aka Kyle's band that he formed with 2 buddies he knew from 'back in the day'. First let me say that I am a huge fan of every member of MB20 especially Rob (whose inspiring lyrics got me through a lot of rough times and inspired me to write some myself) and Kyle (who inspired me to take up guitar, playing which has become my new passion). Anyway, press releases say Kyle has no intention of leaving MB20, but I believe his actual words were something to the affect of "...blah...blah...doesn't go against my contract...". !!!! As much of a talented mucisian Kyle is, I think it would be foolish of him to leave MB20, whether or not it's his intention. So I dunno... what's everyone's opinion on the new band?

Submitted by Shelley Leathers:
I always have been a big fan of Matchbox Twenty. One day my brother came over to my house and put a CD into my stereo. He said, "Who does this sound like?" I said, "Rob Thomas." He told me that it was Rob Thomas in Tabitha's Secret, the band he was in before he joined with Matchbox Twenty. He's going to burn the CD for me. I love M20!

Submitted by matchgirl_hu:
First of all, here is my story about getting to know matchbox twenty. One day I was sitting in front of the box (I mean TV) staring at the screen. And then... Yes, it was the first time that I have ever heard Smooth! I fall in love with Rob's voice and the way he sings in a minute. :) I started to browse the net for infos on him and I found that he has a band called matchbox20. I was searching for any matchbox20 CDs or casettes in the whole country, but I found nothing. But then, when I didn't expect it at all, I found the only YOSLY casette in the whole country (I still belive it was the only one). I bought it immediately, though I haven't known any songs from it. I put it in my walkman... and couldn't take it off all summer. The rest, as they say, is (my) history... :)

Since then, I have created my own matchbox twenty website. I'm really proud of it, as it is my first ever website, what's more, it is about the greatest band on Earth - matchbox twenty. :)

Talking about the guys' talent, I must mention what I think about them. Well, Rob has the most fascinating voice on Earth, he's amazing, sings like noone else, with his heart and soul, in addition, he's a huge talent as a songwriter. But the band has five members. All of them works hard, they put their hearts and souls into every sinlge voice and word. They are real talents and they are great as humans as well. They are THE band!

...Okay, I guess it was more than enough of me, be good, take care, listen to even more matchbox twenty (if possible:) cause we all know the feeling:

"one sweet songs that starts a little slow and then goes on and on and makes you want to move around the room in circles..." :) love with matchbox twenty

Submitted by Heather Rennae:
Okay...let's just clear things up a bit: NONE of our boys are leaving the band- not Paul, not Kyle, not Pookie and certainly not Uncle Adam. "Smooth" was a great song because Rob finally got credit for being an amazing songwriter. Rob is skinny now and more beautiful than ever. Their new album will be incredible and UNIFIED. 'Nuff said. (.....I should have my own website...)

Submitted by Shelby:
I've never heard anything from The New Left, and I 've looked for a Cd of them, but I can't even find anything about them on the internet. I think that would be extremely foolish of Kyle to leave such a wonderful band! Why would you leave a band that you helped start, get famous for that band, then leave it to start all over? I think that they were all there from the beginning, they should all stay till the end. Probably what would happen, is when Kyle would leave, all the others would either fall apart and go their seperate ways, or just fade into the background like so many other bands from the eighties and nineties. I don't want that to happen to these 5 extremely talented artists.

Submitted by booga:
Okay, first of all Rob Thomas is an INCREDIBLY GORGEOUS guy. He is sooo talented but that doesn't mean he should leave the band at all. All of the others are amazing as well. There is this one song on the new album (I am sure you all know what it is called) where Tom is on the piano and joins in the chorus with one of the guitar players leading. They aren't my fav. band (you can prolly tell) but they are brilliant. I just got a Tabitha's Secret album and it is great too. Just thought I'd say that!

Submitted by Su:
I discovered the group with the single "Bent". Now, MB20 is one of my favourites, they have strenght in their songs!. I live in Spain, so what about a concert in Spain?

Submitted by Katie:
Okay, I just want to say I LOVE MATCHBOX twenty-(apparently now the new way of writing it). I've always been a fan of their music, but it wasn't until recently (when "Unwell" came out) that I said "I just HAVE to get their CDs!"-lol. They are my absolute favorite band now and I feel a kind of connection with them. There is not one song on any of the records that I don't absolutely LOVE. And yes, I do tend to favor Rob, but it's because he provides those AMAZING lyrics that just make you think and comfort you. They are incredible musicians, especially live, all of them. This talk about things like Kyle's band The New Left, and Rob going solo, and I'll even note that Paul is working on some something, too... well, I am a close follower of them and they have said numerous times that they are only encouraging each other to do solo things to strengthen their individual talents, to make the band that much stronger. They all seem to have intentions to come back to the band. Well, e! nough from me..just want to wrap up by saying I absolutely LOVE Matchbox Twenty!! By the way... great site!!!

Submitted by Nicoleena:
The M20 concert in Australia was awesome. the way RT sings gives me goosebumps, that tingly feeling, enough to bring tears to my eyes. i could get lost inside that voice forever...M20 would not be the same without the other members...not only is RT beautiful, he has this way of getting inside my head and heart, and putting all my jumbled emotions into perspective, especially in back 2 good, bright lights and hand me down...

Submitted by Gabriela:
I'm a girl from Venezuela- Latinamerica, and i just wanted to say that I'm really amaized about how those guys are already known in the whole world! You know, "more than they think they are"!!! Is a really great band, and I just love them since yourself or someone like you, so i"d be really thankfull if you had the chance of send me by mail all that you can about them.I think this web site is grate (also I must admit that i got here by cassual thing) and the concept is very original and fun. Bye you guys, kisses from my people... we love you!

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