Rob's Numerology

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Life Path Number: 8
Expression Number: 1
Soul Urge Number: 9
Personal Year: 9

Heredity Number: 22

The Family Name represents your Heritage. The designated number underlines an aspect of your character that is enriched or even stimulated by your family. In certain cases, the Family Name Number can soften some of the constructive aspects of the First Name. This implies a battle to succeed.

Like number 4, you have organizational skills, are methodical and disciplined. Work and labor are omnipresent, but you have many restrictions in the background - they may have been imposed on your but they will slowly disappear. Here, humanitarian concerns dominate. You are very agitated and somewhat unstable in both a good and bad way. In addition, authority weighs on you. This is sometimes the sign of women's importance in the family.

Active Number: 6

The First Name represents the potential you should express in your life to have a sense of balance and to succeed. It is the key to your happiness. In the beginning, your desires and ability to realize your projects in all domains will be influenced by your first name. It represents the ideal course to follow if you want to realize yourself completely. It is important that you give priority to the information that your first name gives you. You will then notice that the general tendencies that are outlined correspond to your real, inner identity.

You seek happiness, love and strong emotional states within the context of the home and the family and look out for the well-being of others. Your sense of responsibility and demanding nature at work or on an emotional level doesn't keep you from needing encouragement from others in all that you do because you are greatly influenced by others. Endowed with a great sense of generosity and artistic sensibility, you are often the object or subject of a difficult orientation or indecisiveness. The important decisions you make can alter your life forever.

Soul Urge Number: 9

This number is derived from all of the VOWELS and represents your INTIMATE SELF - your hidden truths and secret aspirations. It is the determining factor in your life as part of a couple or group. The ideal situation is to find a partner who has the same desires as yourself. Only this number can help you to better understand the hidden desires of those close to you.

You are the incarnation of an accomplished being, detached from the egotistical truths of other people, you can realize yourself only by going down a "humanitarian" path, which can be full of sacrifice. You are incapable of living only for yourself because your ideals are noble and you have a spirit of sacrifice (sacred acts) which you carry to extreme. Your devotion is total: you are a born idealist! This vibration represents the experience of all the other numbers so you have a concrete, undeniable influence on those around you. You are often out of sync with your ambitions and real life and you suffer from this. You sometimes express your anxieties and phobias through extreme behavior or reflections. The complete devotion you have to any cause undertaken will assure you notoriety, success, admiration and numerous followers. Your private life may be perturbed, with the founding of a family causing you emotional instability. You are devoted body and soul to the numerous demands made on you by society and the outside world. Consequently, those close to you may suffer because you are unavailable. In such a passionate climate, wisdom is out of the question. This reality may cause brief apparitions of nervousness, depression, and excessiveness. The suffering of others pushes you to go beyond yourself. You don't like making concessions and remain loyal to your ideal of "devotion, and complete love", whatever the difficulties along the way. You desire erudition, universal knowledge and don't hesitate to go anywhere on the planet to transmit the knowledge you have acquired. You are an excellent pedagogue and a fine psychologist. Experiences in the community or in a group stimulate you. You are very open and have a hard time adapting to the demands and constraints of a life that is too concrete and materialistic. Your projects can be too big because of your intense desire to escape the real world. You can be frustrated and compensate for you disillusionment through living an excessively dissolute life. You tend to be to forget yourself so you need to understand that for others to be able to count on you for their material or emotional security, you need to take care of yourself first. If your family and friends understand you and share your enthusiasm, you are warm, balanced and responsible to the profit of all.

Soul Urge Number Essence: 1

This essence accentuates the following aspects: your determination will be greater, your ego valorized, your initiatives and your personal approach more dynamic. Your remarkable intelligence will be used in service to your creativity. You will seek a high position in life and want to shine your light!