Brian's Numerology

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Life Path Number: 4
Expression Number: 6
Soul Urge Number: 5
Personal Year: 9

Heredity Number: 7

The Family Name represents your Heritage. The designated number underlines an aspect of your character that is enriched or even stimulated by your family. In certain cases, the Family Name Number can soften some of the constructive aspects of the First Name. This implies a battle to succeed.

Sometimes you live in a certain amount of physical and psychic isolation. This tendency to be marginal is sometimes due to your high intelligence and constant need for introspection. A perfectionist, you are studious, like research and have wisdom. You question yourself a lot which can make you constantly anxious although here, calm and serenity are favored.

Active Number: 8

The First Name represents the potential you should express in your life to have a sense of balance and to succeed. It is the key to your happiness. In the beginning, your desires and ability to realize your projects in all domains will be influenced by your first name. It represents the ideal course to follow if you want to realize yourself completely. It is important that you give priority to the information that your first name gives you. You will then notice that the general tendencies that are outlined correspond to your real, inner identity.

You have an innate sense of justice and are filled with an ambition and taste for great success! The energy that fills you is combative and constructive but nevertheless, you oscillate between success and failure. You are capable of great effort on several fronts to satisfy your sometimes bloated ego. Be careful about being too impulsive out of inadequate reflection beforehand. You have a tendency to have an outlook that is too general, even exclusive concerning the material, spiritual and human aspects of life. This is also true of how you view your feelings as well.

Soul Urge Number: 5

This number is derived from all of the VOWELS and represents your INTIMATE SELF - your hidden truths and secret aspirations. It is the determining factor in your life as part of a couple or group. The ideal situation is to find a partner who has the same desires as yourself. Only this number can help you to better understand the hidden desires of those close to you. You want to open up your existence through a quest for diverse experiences that will feed you soul. You are a true captor of energies because of your great physical and mental mobility. Everything you touch seems amplified and takes on another dimension. You ignore limits on an instinctive level because you hate constraints. Jean Cocteau said, "Isn't it a good thing for man to know ust how far he can go too far?" This could be your motto. Your essential problem concerns the otherworldly considerations! You dream of evolving in an irrational, timeless world and you continuously project yourself into the future but you don't always master the present. You often question your lifestyle because of your intense dislike for routine, and because of this, you always seek new experiences. You easily adapt to new situations which allows you to succeed where others have failed. This can make certain people antagonistic toward you. An actress at heart, your powers to seduce and your varied appetites are anything but reserved. You can easily obtain what you desire. If you are not able to satisfy your projects for escape with no frontiers, you will go beyond them by mobilizing your sensorial energies. Your sex life occupies a very important place in your life and is a reoccurring source of spontaneous exchanges and vicissitudes but your personal life will always be unstable. Dance, corporal statement, beauty treatments, sports, theater, and music are excellent "companions" for you in life. In search of all forms of spiritual elevation, your interest in human sciences, spirituality and progressive ideas will allow you to better channel your energy. However, you could put your health and body in danger, or become irresponsible out of an unconscious desire for challenge. Here is a reflection of your inner ambiguity and the manifestation of powerful, metaphysical anxieties.

Soul Urge Number Essence: 2

This essence softens the general aspects of the number concerned. Your sentimental life is dominant. The search for union will dominate whether at work, as part of a couple, or in your relationships or leisure activities. A strong artistic sense emanates from this essence but certain conflicting aspects (tied to symbol 2 at origin) could arise and hold up the expansion of this number.