Adam's Numerology

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Life Path Number: 11
Expression Number: 9
Soul Urge Number: 7
Personal Year: 3

Heredity Number: 8

The Family Name represents your Heritage. The designated number underlines an aspect of your character that is enriched or even stimulated by your family. In certain cases, the Family Name Number can soften some of the constructive aspects of the First Name. This implies a battle to succeed.

This is often a sign that you are materially or spiritually protected right from the beginning. You are highly resistant and have an innate sense of justice. Ambitious, your success will be easily attained. Although you are honest, you are aggressive and have an excessive taste for power. Be careful about being unscrupulous.

Active Number: 1

The First Name represents the potential you should express in your life to have a sense of balance and to succeed. It is the key to your happiness. In the beginning, your desires and ability to realize your projects in all domains will be influenced by your first name. It represents the ideal course to follow if you want to realize yourself completely. It is important that you give priority to the information that your first name gives you. You will then notice that the general tendencies that are outlined correspond to your real, inner identity.

Your energy is powerful when it serves your ego. You have initiative, healthy curiosity and a strong dose of creativity. You are also an opportunist, rather authoritarian, and need to keep your pride and impatience in check! You don't like to be disturbed or told that something has been done after the fact. Blessed with ambition, intelligence and even a certain craftiness, you are extremely independent both mentally and physically. In any case, you have to count a lot on yourself to advance in life. A solitary force like yourself is necessarily often in conflict with others.

Soul Urge Number: 7

This number is derived from all of the VOWELS and represents your INTIMATE SELF - your hidden truths and secret aspirations. It is the determining factor in your life as part of a couple or group. The ideal situation is to find a partner who has the same desires as yourself. Only this number can help you to better understand the hidden desires of those close to you. Suspended between heaven and earth, mobilized by your inner life which is vital to your existence, you can listen to yourself think. You are an intelligent philosopher, a mystic poet and scientific brain who considers herself a refined manifestation of creation that hasn't been finished yet! You are tormented and anxious and want to establish cause and effect relationships to justify new projects or ones about to begin. You have a deep sense of guilt when your pioneer spirit is recognized by society as such. You don't know how to receive from others and often laugh off feelings out of modesty or clumsiness. Yet you dream of meeting a soulmate. You are often overwhelmed by enthusiasm when a new opening arises and stimulates you, which makes you commit the mistakes of a beginner in your choice of partners. You are an opportunist when you investigate things and your scruples fly out the window when you start to progress toward deeply held truths. You like to study and cultivate yourself, are intuitive and have a fine, critical mind. Silence and tranquillity are your best allies. You are as secretive as you are inaccessible, even unknowable. This creates doubt in those close to you about your sincerity and the solidity of you relationships with them. However, you are happy in one-on-one relationships because you feel suffocated in groups. Friendship is a fundamental value with you and you try to respect its rules despite having ambivalent feelings. This can become a totally illogical romanticism. With your head in the clouds so much, you lose a sense of concrete reality which can lead you to a true impasse and a heightened anxiety. Your "guardian angel" is often called on to help you to get out of a depressive or disappointing period in your life (private of professional). Your mastery of material and financial aspects is closely tied to your evolution: Nothing will be gained in this domain!

Soul Urge Number Essence: 7

This essence allows you to step back and deepen your understanding of the aspects and symbols in question. You will have a much more reflective nature, be more self-critical and question yourself much more. This will help you to succeed. Sometimes, the spiritual dimension is very important. This essence always denotes a tendency toward introversion and favors platonic sentiments.