Picture Service For Web Pages

So my dad gets a new laptop, right, and it has this nifty thing called Corel Photo Paint. If you're unfamiliar with it, it can warp pictures around and make pictures swirly, spongey, ripply, circly, and a whole bunch of other stuff. And because I love playing with it, I've decided to be nice and share it with those who want to liven up their sites. So if you have a site and want a picture changed around, here's what you have to do:

Email me giving me the address of a picture you want distorted. Try to describe what you want done with it.

Put my link up if you don't have it already. I don't care if you use my banner or not...go to the WWW section and click on 'Link To Me' to...link me. This is all I'm asking, although on the picture I make for you I will put my URL somewhere small and out of the way.

I'll send you the picture and you have to reply within seven days saying you got it and you were happy or not or whatever so I can erase it and be completely confident you won't change your mind or something.

I'll also make graphics, banners, or anything else you can think of (hopefully...lol).

That's it! It's not that hard, really! :)