Matchbox Twenty Fan Fiction

Yes, we're jumping on the fan fiction boat and sailing away into uncharted territory. This is where we post our own stories written about the band. Some will be short, others will be long. We write stories until we're done. As of now, we're not hosting any stories, but we may in the future. And read the disclaimer. To make it easy, we posted it right here.

The fiction that we write will NOT revolve entirely around the wonder that is sex. Most fan fiction out there has graphic details of sex and everything that comes along with it. If there is any sex in these stories, they will be merely implied. OR, if any sort of act is written in these stories, they will be there PURELY to further the plot. LOL...oh, and I do warn you that there is vulgar language in these stories. The band swears, and seems to be proud of it, and a story wouldn't have the same effect if, say, something fell on Rob's head and he yelled "FUDGE!" But enough of that. Get to reading, you crazy kids.

Kyle Stories

Sweet Revenge

I don't even

Rob Stories

They Say That I'm Crazy (Part 1)
They Say That I'm Crazy (Part 2)
They Say That I'm Crazy (Part 3)
They Say That I'm Crazy (Part 4)
They Say That I'm Crazy Epilogue

My first crack at a matchbox twenty fan fiction. Don't laugh at me.

Slowing Down *new!*

Me coming to terms with reality. Something we all have to do eventually.

More coming soon!