Pig (or Boar)

*Info taken from Astrocenter.com.

AUTUMN is your season.

NOVEMBER is your month.


Honest and upright, you advance in life like a tranquil bulldozer. You hate lies, hypocrites and artifice. If you do something bad you feel terrible and guilty about it for a long time after the fact. For your family and friends you are generous and helpful. Sometimes you are even a little bit too generous because you don't know how to say no: people don't hesitate taking advantage of your good nature. Underneath your exterior hides a ferocious determination for your inner codes to be respected. Nobody can impose their will on you unless you decide to let them. You make your decisions and take responsibility for your failures in private. You don't blame others for your mistakes. When there is a conflict, you take cover until the storm has passed. You may be criticized by others for preferring to run rather than fight but raised voices, fights and power games revile you. If your back is against the wall with no escape possible you become a daunting and violent adversary. Behind your apparent good nature you hide your hypersensitivity and soul of a gambler. You love to experience all the pleasures that life has to offer to a maximum. Your sensuality and your taste for pleasure make you an expert in love - especially physical love. Your only risk is falling into lustful ways!


You love to work and want to succeed in your professional life but not at any price. You refuse to compete, to be opportunistic and to make deals under the table. You want to be recognized for your talent and competence, and won't resort to political intrigue. So you are not always a diplomat and prefer leaving a business meeting by slamming the door rather than approve an unsound project. You will gladly spend more time on your personal rather than professional life, unless you are your own boss. In this case, you won't count the hours and will see your projects through to the end.


The Pig symbolizes material wealth in China so you rarely lack money. Your love of pleasure contributes to turning you into a big spender but you are above all, very generous. You love to have friends for dinner, give your friends presents and take your family on sumptuous trips. A cultivated aesthete, you love to invest in beautiful objects and dream of having a library as wonderful as the one of ancient Alexandria. Sometimes you just can't pass up a work of art or rare book. Still, money doesn't seem to matter to you. Even if you were a billionaire, you would probably continue to drive a beetle!


You are in love with love in all its forms : tender caresses, romantic gestures, sensuous meals and wild sex. Although you are faithful in love, you are very possessive and jealous. To be happy, you need a curious cocktail of solitary moments coupled with moments of tenderness and wild passion. You love it when your partner shows their continuing passion and infinite love for you in public. To seduce you, your partner must say yes to everything, especially to the pleasures in life which they will be able to fully partake of in your company!