*Info taken from Astrocenter.com.

WINTER is your season.

DECEMBER is your month.


You enjoy life's pleasures, are a gourmet and connoisseur of good wine, curious about everything and an opportunist. Your fertile imagination pushes you to get out of your daily routine through the delightful things you think up to do, to the joy of your friends. But if your family and, above all, your little ones, are delighted by your unfailing love, your individualistic side comes out as soon as you leave home. Magnetic and charming, you are surrounded by a mysterious halo. Your relationships are formed with people that can help you, at least in the beginning. But sometimes a sincere and solid friendship is formed. Faithful in love and friendship, your circle of close friends is small because you have chosen them carefully. You know how to use this close circle of friends to get what you want, if need be. Manipulation is an art that you know well, with no sense of guilt. Naturally distrustful, you are secretive about your life and always attack first when you feel threatened. Your hypersensitivity makes you hate being laughed at or reproached and you can become aggressive over nothing. Be careful about being too cynical because it can sting. Your fault : You are overly critical.


Your mindset and innate gifts as a strategist tend to make you an incredible politician. You are also at ease in the business world and have an intuition that allows you to know which way the wind is blowing. While you excel at thinking things through, you balk at taking action yourself and delegate work that bores you to a maximum. Your projects don't often get set up because you lack perseverance and don't implicate yourself enough; you run away from routine and don't like to feel hampered by set hours, places or constraints in general. Your gifts as a strategist come out when you are independent but you sometimes hesitate undertaking your own projects.


You can be extravagant or miserly with money; everything depends on the period and your mood. The Rat is lucid so you know how to adapt yourself to any financial situation. You have almost as much taste for rigor as you do for opulence. No matter the drink provided, what's important is getting drunk... Your skillfulness and cunning allow you to rapidly regain a financial equilibrium when the balance tilts in the wrong direction. It is rather common that you have a secret nest egg that you don't hesitate digging into, to the delight of your loved ones. What irritates you most: waste.


While you sometimes seem egotistical on the outside you are highly sensitive and sentimental on the inside. You are very emotional, and easily carried away by your passion and jealousy. You love fiery love that is agitated and tumultuous. Your only fear is finding yourself enclosed in a frightening routine! You don't hesitate using your imagination to preserve the freshness of your couple. You know how to play the role of the lover, the loved one and the faithful friend. To seduce you, a person must be understanding, respect your taste for mystery and often surprise you. "Surprise me..." is your first commandment.