Cat (or Rabbit or Hare)

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SPRING is your season.

MARCH is your month.


Lively yet tranquil, peaceful yet realistic, you use your intelligence to create a burrow made just for you, where everything you hate is banished forever: disorder, quarrels, indiscretion, anguish, tumult, and haste. You are a diplomat in society: highly courteous and with an elegance that charms those around you. You know how to listen to others who gladly tell you their secrets. Still, you think that everyone must solve their own problems and don't get involved in the affairs of others unless you have to. Underneath you soft, silky skin is a calm, highly determined person who can get out of any situation. Effusive sentiments and tumultuous emotions make you feel uncomfortable. You face agitated situations with logic and a certain detachment that can make you seem indifferent or cynical. In fact, your aspiration for peace is above all others. You look for the tranquility of a place that will least upset your inner world: after long reflection, you can build the universe that fits you best. An aesthete and erudite, you love to plunge into books and long evenings near the fire in company of those close to you. Your fault : A tendency to go back into to your burrow the moment a cloud appears and to run away like a Cat when conflicts arise.


Your talents as a negotiator and your open mind allow you to rise rapidly in society, even if you don't run after promotions. You have confidence in your instincts, can "feel" a good deal, and get into the race astutely. Your luck will do the rest. You aren't very good at working in groups but are most productive in the quiet isolation of an office or workshop. Your capacity to synthesize makes you an excellent organizer and manager... of your own work. As for colleagues, you don't always like working by their side nor getting involved in their projects. You are extremely independent and try to maximize your autonomy.


You are generally well situated on the financial level. This is fortunate because you appreciate having a comfortable lifestyle. You hate being caught off guard so you save your money regularly and invest in low risk ventures that promise a peaceful future. You probably have savings accounts, an IRA and life insurance, etc., that will assure you a comfortable life old age. This prudence is mixed with a healthy organizational sense that frees you from money worries and allows you to live a pleasant, comfortable life.


You are a solid person that your friends can count on. In love you prefer tender hugs and caresses to tumultuous passion. A romantic in your soul, sensitive and attentive to you partner, you know how to make yourself wanted through your kindness and charm. Dinners by candlelight and weekends in Venice are what you aspire to in love. You are happy with someone gentle who is neither possessive, jealous nor impulsively aggressive. To attract you, a person must be cultivated, romantic, warm and well brought up.