Pookie Quotes

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"I'm just the bass player, man, you know, whatever!"

"So I'm trying to be a supportive guy, that's the bass player's role."

"I got a birdy today on a par 4, and I got another par." [We donít know what this meansÖbut GO POOKIE!]

"We're probably more popular [there] than in our own country, per capita." [referring to the bandís success in Australia]

"By the time we finish, it'll be silly the amount of records we've sold."


"If you hear with your ears out, then you hear with your ears in."

"Unclaimed baggage. None of it would be mine. I've claimed all my baggage." [in English accent]

"I kinda get a rush of f*cking 10,000 people watching us."

"David Hasselhoff. Germans love him." [We just had to include this quote.]

"Holy crap. I gotta figure out what the hell I'm eatin'."

"The world's fifty most beautiful people right here!" [pointing to Rob]