Rob's Astrology

*Info taken from these two books: The Secret Language of Birthdays and The Power of Birthdays, Stars, & Numbers.

Month: February
Day 14
Sign: 24-26' Aquarius
Aquarius III
Fixed Air

Born on This Day: Frederick Douglass (African-American abolitionist, writer, journalist, orator, consul general to Haiti), Thomas Malthus (British clergyman, economist, An Essay on the Principle of Population), Gregory Hines (dancer, choreographer, film actor, stage director), James Hoffa (Teamster's Union president, sentenced for criminal activities, sentence commuted, disappeared, assumed murdered), Paul Tsongas (Massachusetts governor, presidential candidate), Jack Benny (stage, radio, TV, film comedian, actor), Molly Ringwald (film actress), Hugh Downs (TV personality, news program host)



Special Someone

A February 14 person's chances of finding a loving partner for a long-term relationship are increased with those born on the following dates.

Love and Friendship:
Jan. 6,8,14,18,23,26,28, Feb. 4,10,12,21,24,26, Mar. 2,10,12,19,22,24, Apr. 8,12,14,17,20,22, May 6,15,16,18,20,22, June 4,13,16,18,20, July 2,11,14,16,20, Aug. 4,9,12,14,22, Sept. 7,10,12,24, Oct. 5,8,10,12, Nov. 3,6,8,28, Dec. 1,4,6,30

Jan. 9,12,17, Feb. 7,10, Mar. 5,8, Apr. 3,6, May 1,4, June 2,7,30, July 28, Aug. 26,30,31, Sept. 24,28,29, Oct. 22,26,27, Nov. 20,24,25, Dec. 18,22,23,29

Fatal Attractions:
Aug. 16,17,18,19

Jan. 11,13,29, Feb. 9,11, Mar. 7,9,30, Apr. 5,7,28, May 3,5,26,31, June 1,3,24,29, July 1,22,27, Aug. 20,25, Sept. 18,23,30, Oct. 16,21,28, Nov. 14,19,26, Dec. 12,17,24

Soul Mates:
Jan. 12,29, Feb. 10,27, Mar. 8,25, Apr. 6,23, May 4,21, June 2,19, July 17, Aug. 15, Sept. 13, Oct. 11, Nov. 9, Dec. 7

February Fourteenth

The Day of the Cool Quip

The quick-witted individuals born on February 14 are usually masters of the short, ironic and sometimes devastating comment. They have what it takes to make people laugh, but also the capacity to make them think. Abbreviators, they take what others might need an hour to say, roll it into an attractive little bon mot and simply come across with it for all to hear. Lovers of jokes and stories, tellers of sometimes tall tales, and not above practical joking, February 14 people bring their witty outlook to bear on every aspect of life around them. None of this is meant to suggest that February 14 people are somehow superficial. Humor, eloquence and acerbic comments are but a means of expression. It is true that those born on this day do not specialize in taking themselves (or life in general) too seriously, but this in no way reflects on their work. It is more indicative of a philosophical outlook.

Less highly evolved individuals born on this day can be overwhelmingly negative in their approach to life, sometimes behaving in a destructive or power-seeking manner. They can make the mistake of placing themselves above human laws and social rules, believing that they are somehow exempted from karma and the retribution of fate, "bad energy," or the like. Characteristically, they are caught unawares when a heavy blow falls.

All February 14 people must beware of their irony turning to sarcasm, of adopting a mocking or derisive tone. Such an attitude only arouses opposition. Although others might find such dark humor funny for a time, it can eventually wear rather thin. Of course, everyone likes a good laugh, but the ultimate concern may be the object of the laughter. Those February 14 people capable of joking about themselves are far more sensitive to this issue, but here as well, they must not allow self-deprecation to go too far.

Speed of thought and mental concentration are pronounced in February 14 people. Their ability to focus on tasks in the middle of an uproar is quite remarkable. Yet those born on this day have a decidedly physical side as well. They enjoy all sorts of sensuous activities, which allow their brains a well-need rest. Not to have to talk can be a great luxury for these verbal people. Consequently, they may choose to spend their free time with those less intellectually oriented. Their friends are often earthy people who, though intelligent, know how to relax and have fun.

February 14 people must control their tendency to keep others on the defensive. Moreover, if they can apply some of their talent for critical insight to themselves, they will benefit greatly. Allowing themselves time alone, away from their busy involvement with their surroundings is key.

Numbers and Planets

Those born on the 14th day of the month are ruled by the number 5 (1+4=5), and by the speedy planet Mercury. The number 5 grants strongly developed mental abilities to February 14 people, which are reinforced by the influence of Uranus, ruler of Aquarius. For those February 14 people who suffer setbacks, it is fortunate that the number 5 bestows a resilient character, which recovers quickly from the hard knocks of life.


The 14th card of the Major Arcana is Temperance. The figure shown is a guardian angel who protects us and keep us on an even keel. Such a figure emphasizes the need for balance and moderation in the lives of February 14 people. Positively seen, Temperance modifies passions in order to allow for new truths to be learned and incorporated into one's life. The Temperance card urges February 14 people to establish and maintain their own ethical code and resist both seductive temptations and false behavior for the sake of personal gain.


Although they often convey a loose, relaxed image in their professional lives, February 14 people are nonetheless vulnerable to stress. For this reason, they have to learn to sit on the sidelines more and relax, rather than so often monopolizing the group's attention. Keeping a distance from disturbances and unneeded stimulation, and learning to calm themselves internally re the key. Those born on February 14 must also beware of internalizing and repressing their more aggressive instincts, since this can ultimately spell serious physical problems, most often with their internal abdominal organs, cardiovascular or endocrine system. Particularly for February 14 people, drugs, including tobacco and alcohol should be avoided, or at the very least restricted. A balanced, well-rounded diet and moderate to vigorous physical exercise are recommended.


Direct your energy into positive endeavors. Be sensitive to what others are feeling and weigh your words before speaking. Slow down a bit. Silence often says more than speech.


Verbal cuts do not heal as quickly as those made with a knife.