Brian's Astrology

*Info taken from these two books: The Secret Language of Birthdays and The Power of Birthdays, Stars, & Numbers.

Month: November
Day 14
Sign: 21-23' Scorpio
Period: Scorpio III
Fixed Water

Born on This Day:
Claude Monet (French impressionist painter, created famous gardens at Giverny that he drew upon for inspiration), Jawaharlal Nehru (first prime minister of independent India), Joseph McCarth (US senator, Wisconsin, led comunist witch-hunt, censured by Senate), Boutros Boutros-Ghali (UN secretary general), Prince Charles (Prince of Wales, heir to British throne, polo player), Leopold Mozart (Austrian violin pedagogue, family impressario, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's father), King Hussein of Jordan


Overly Critical

Special Someone

November 14 people might find a partner who will understand their sensitivity and need for love among those born on the following days.

Love and Friendship:
Jan. 8,12,18,22, Feb. 16,20, Mar. 8,14,18,28, Apr. 12,16, 26, May 10,14,24, June 8,12,22, July 6,10,20,29, Aug. 4,8,18,27,30, Sept. 2,6,16,25,28, Oct. 4,14,23,26,27,30, Nov. 2,12,21,24,28, Dec. 10,19,22,26,28

Jan. 6,10,25,30, Feb. 4,8,23,28, Mar. 2,6,21,26, Apr. 4,19,24, May 2,17,22, June 15,20,30, July 13,18,28, Aug. 11,16, Sept. 9,14,24, Oct. 7,12,22,31 Nov. 5,10,20, Dec. 3,8,18

Fatal Attractions:
May 12,13,14,15,29, June 27, July 25, Aug. 23, Sept. 21, Oct. 19, Nov. 17, Dec. 15

Jan. 13,29,31, Feb. 11,27,29, Mar. 9,25,27, Apr. 7,23,25, May 5,21,23, June 3,19,21, July 1,17,19, Aug. 15,17, Sept. 13,15, Oct. 11,13, Nov. 9,11, Dec. 7,9

Soul Mates:
Jan. 6,25, Feb. 4,23, Mar. 2,21, Apr. 19, May 17, June 15, July 13, Aug. 11, Sept. 9, Nov. 7, Dec. 5

November Fourteenth

The Day of the Investigator

Those born on November 14 manifest an urge to explore their environment down to the last detail. Though they are intensely curious about their surroundings in general, they are highly selective in their interests and have a well-defined point of view. Their ideas of social responsibility, whether conservative or liberal, are usually perfectly clear to themselves and to others and moral in nature.

November 14 people are often involved in guiding the lives of others. They readily see those areas that need improvement, and indeed those deficits they target may be objectively lacking. However, they must remember that they are nonetheless operating from their own subjective viewpoint and their input may not always be appreciated. In particular, they may have to hold their tongue where their love relationship is concerned. Also, because they're so quick to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of a given situation, they may not allow others a chance to discover for themselves.

It is a strength of November 14 people that they have little need for gratuitous praise of their achievements or abilities. Both men and women born on this day are capable of subjugating themselves to a cause and avoiding ego trips. Because of such self-reliance they can easily recognize flatterers and those who harbor ulterior motives.

More highly evolved November 14 people, whether they be artists, scientists, manufacturers, business people, or involved in providing a service, always do their homework on any project in which they are engaged - probing, testing, examining the object of their study with minute exactitude. They are both ruthless and honest in putting their own theories to the test and discarding those products or elements which do not work. Thus their objectivity is well preserved.

Just as November 14 people are highly observant in regard to the external world, they should develop a greater ability to perceive inner truths, including the emotional and spiritual state of themselves and others. Such a sense of understanding can make them more effective when dealing with human and social matters that impact on their career and work. Because those born on this day make a point of following through on their endeavors, investing much of themselves in realizing their goals, they must also be sure to chart the proper course from the outset.

It is imperative that November 14 people strengthen their integration with friends, family and society in general. Those born on this day who do so greatly lighten their burden and enjoy a firmer sense of purpose that insures their success. As they are often quite ambitious and powerful people, they need to seek consensus and cultivate their ability to compromise. By finding a middle way and perhaps moderating their more extreme tendencies they can be highly effective and ultimately achieve more lasting results.

Numbers and Planets

Those born on the 14th day of the month are ruled by the number 5 (1+4=5), and by the speedy planet Mercury. Due to the influence of this highly active planet, powerful intellect and mental tenacity are conferred on November 14 people. The accompanying influence of Pluto (the dark ruler of Scorpio) strengthens curiosity in those born on this day and perhaps a desire to unearth hidden secrets. For those November 14 people who suffer calamity, the number 5 bestows a resilient character which resists permanent damage from the hard knocks of life.


The 14th card of the Major Arcana is Temperance, which stresses the need for balance and moderation. The figure depicted is a guardian angel who protects us and keep us on an even keel. Positively seen, Temperance modifies passions in order to allow for new truths to be learned and incorporated into one's life (thus such a figure can serve as a model for November 14 people). The card cautions against all forms of egotistical excess. Because a negative indication of the Temperance card is a tendency to change too easily with the mood of the times and current fashion, November 14 people should try to establish their own style, technique and system of thought if possible and stick to them with conviction.


November 14 people must beware of becoming obsessed with all sorts of real or imagined ailments. Some born on this day tend to be worry-warts when it comes to illness, and may seek medical advice much too often. Developing a greater faith in the healing abilities of the body and natural remedies is thus important. If November 14 people take an active interest in diet and cooking they can be superb with food. However, excessive concern about weight must not be allowed to reach neurotic proportions; sexual and athletic activities should be kept within healthy self-imposed limits.


Keep your moral and judgmental tendencies under control. Learn to leave others in peace and respect their values. Everything is not available for your scrutiny, so observe privacy.


See first what is directly before you.