Next Matchbox Twenty Album Not Until 2007

By Paul Cashmere,

Matchbox Twenty fans will have to wait until 2007 before the band releases its forth studio album.

Frontman Rob Thomas told Undercover News that Matchbox won't be back in the studio together until later next year. It may be 2007 before the record comes out" he says. "I can see us in 2006 in the studio gearing up for it and getting together".

With the various members in solo mode at the moment, the next record will have to wait until they each finish their solo projects. "We don't want to put a time limit on it" he said. "We want to give ourselves time to do what we are doing. By the time I am finished with this Paul might just be getting into the sing of his record. I just can't make any predictions yet. I just know that the next thing we do will be a matchbox record".

For Thomas, the next 12 months will be taken up touring his solo album 'Something To Be'. "We are coming to Australia in February to do a tour" he says.

There will be one major change when Matchbox Twenty reforms. It will be without founding guitarist Adam Gaynor. "We are a four piece now" Rob says. "I think there was just one of those situations where 5 guys grow up together. It's hard. After 10 years you are different people to when you started. Sometimes it just doesn't work like it did. Adam's got a million and one things that he wants to do outside of this band. He is a restless guy. We know we are a four piece band now. We don't want to bring in another Adam. You can't replace Adam".