Rob Thomas - "I Can't Remember the First Two Years of Matchbox Twenty"

Reformed rocker ROB THOMAS took so much cocaine at the beginning of his career, he can't remember the first two years of being in his band MATCHBOX TWENTY.

Thomas, who now has a clean and sober lifestyle, admits his heavy use of the drug in the past has caused serious memory loss.

He tells Blender magazine, "When I used to do lots of coke, it would be just to stay in the game. You'd be tired and you'd do it just to stay out and go to bars and meet girls and have a good time...

"There's a two-year period at the beginning of this band that I don't even remember. I can't even imagine what the shows were like.

"There were groups of road families that we had living on the bus for a week and they come up to me now and I'm just like, 'I have no idea who you are.' They're like, 'We stayed with you for two weeks. We came to your house! We saved you from that fire!' I got nothing for you, man. Sorry."