Adam Gaynor Confirms Split With Matchbox Twenty

By Paul Cahsmere,

After 10 years, Matchbox Twenty rhythm guitarist Adam Gaynor has confirmed he is out of the band.

In a statement at his official website at, he says "as you may have read I will no longer be a member of the band. I know most of you were confused if not angered by this news. I wish there was some bright rainbow of an answer here.... but there is not".

Musically and publicly Matchbox Twenty was a five piece band, but as a business, the "shareholders" were Rob Thomas, Paul Doucette and Brian Yale.

Kyle Cook and Adam Gaynor shared equally in record sales and concert tours but the three former Tabatha's Secret members owned and controlled the Matchbox Twenty business empire.

The announcement of the Gaynor's departure comes at an unusual time as the band is in hibernation at the moment. Thomas will release his solo album 'Something To Be' in May and most likely spend the next 18 months to two years promoting the album.

Matchbox Twenty are unlikely to be reactivated until 2007 at this stage although a Greatest Hits album is planned for late 2006.

Gaynor has a gig coming up. He will perform a solo acoustic performance at Roy and Lea Black's annual gala to benefit Bay Point Schools at the Coral Gables Country Club on at the Black Estate on Feb. 5.

The show will also feature Jon Secada.

Gaynor is now working on a recording and publishing deal as well as dabbling in other areas of the media.