Moon Unit and Matchbox Man Have A Baby

By Paul Cashmere,

Moon Unit Zappa and her husband, Matchbox Twenty's Paul Doucette, became parents on December 22.

Moon Unit gave birth to a daughter who they named Matilda Plum.

Paul is the drummer for Matchbox Twenty. Moon Unit is the daughter of rock legend Frank Zappa.

Moon Unit also grabbed some attention when Mike Myers used her name as a joke in one of his Austen Powers movies. The Doucette's thought it was hilarious. "We laughed" he told Undercover News. "She is used to it. Her name has been pop culture ever since the day she was born. It was a new story when she was born that this crazy rock start guy named his kid Moon Unit. She is used to it. She has had it here whole life. It was definitely funny".

In 2005, solo Matchbox Twenty recording projects will include the release of the Rob Thomas solo album in April and new music from Kyle Cook's band The New Left.

And more good news for Matchbox Twenty, despite being released in 2002, their album 'More Than You Think You Are' was the 40th biggest selling album on 2004 in Australia.