Adam Gaynor Gives Fans A Solo Tasting

By Paul Cashmere,

Recently departed Matchbox Twenty rhythm guitarist has given fans a taste of his solo work via some theme music at his new website.

"The song is called 'All Your Life'" he tells Undercover News. "It is the outro to a pop song I intended to submit for a movie and your kinda hearing the last of the dramatic piece of it".

Gaynor official website went online last week and will shortly launch with more information and sound grabs hightlighting his solo career.

At the site last week he confirmed his departure from the band. He was a founding member of Matchbox Twenty.

This Saturday, he will perform a solo acoustic show at Roy and Lea Black's annual gala to benefit Bay Point Schools at the Coral Gables Country Club on at the Black Estate in Florida.

"But being a newbie at this and not having my entire album together, I would have to say I am going to chat a lot and try to stretch this to 20 minutes" he laughs."They kinda caught me off guard by asking me to perform".

He is also working on more solo material. "I am currently finishing off songs 5 and 6. They are not going to be ready for the shoe though, the BIG shoe".

This week, Matchbox Twenty singer Rob Thomas released his solo song "Lonely No More" in the USA. The track will go to Australian radio now on February 21.