MATCHBOX TWENTY frontman ROB THOMAS and his wife MARISOL are appearing in a TV special about an animal shelter, as a thank-you to their dog TYLER for his devotion.

The Grammy-winning singer has been by his model spouse's side as she's battled her lupus-like auto-immune disorder for the past two years, and they're grateful to their five-year-old terrier mutt for getting them through their "dark days".

The animal lovers picked up their brown-and-white dog last year (04) from Pets Alive, a no-kill shelter on a 77-acre ranch in upstate New York.

Thomas, who reports that his wife's health is on the upswing, says, "At the time we didn't have any animals because we travelled so much.

"Tyler has been a godsend. My wife hasn't been well in the last couple of years and he's been a saviour. He just got her through that whole process."

To show their gratitude, the couple are appearing in an upcoming Discovery Channel Animal Planet special about Pets Alive.