matchbox twenty taking a break to take on solo projects


The multiplatinum matchbox twenty is taking a break - sort of.

Members of the band, who just wrapped their tour in support of "More Than You Think You Are," have begun work on solo projects.

"If we didn't take a break and make solo records, it would be the end of matchbox," singer Rob Thomas told The Associated Press recently.

"If we went and made another matchbox album, it would be pretty stale right now."

Thomas said matchbox twenty, which began as a bar band in Orlando, Florida, had no intention of ending its hugely successful collaboration.

"We're fortunate matchbox makes us happy. ... We're still having a good time with it," he said.

But Thomas said working on a solo album without the input from his fellow band members was a bit different.

He said their songs are the result of input from the entire band.

On a solo record, "I don't have that. Everything has to rely on me," he said. "My only mantra is it can't sound like any band out there."

Thomas' solo album is expected to be released later this year or early next year.