Matchbox 20's Thomas sought for movies

By Marilyn Beck, Chattanooga Times Free Press (Tennessee)

Matchbox 20's frontman, Rob Thomas, has been getting lots of scripts from movie producers who think he ought to bring his good looks and charisma into the acting arena.

He's not ruling out the idea entirely, but says "I feel like I have one job, and the little time I have off, I can't imagine giving myself another job. But, then," he adds, "if I'd been given a script for 'Fight Club,' I'd have said, 'Oh, man! I HAVE to do it.' "

Riding the success of its multiplatinum "More Than You Think You Are" album, the group has a new single, "Bright Lights," which will be part of a full-length concert DVD recently shot in Atlanta, targeted for release this fall. Right now, they're on the final North American sweep of their 2003 world tour -- and will be doing concerts stateside up till the holidays.

"It kinda rolls along 'till the end, when you're ready to kill each other," Rob laughs.

When they hit the West Coast in November, he expects that his friend and sometimes collaborator Carlos Santana "will come out and play with us. It's been nice to share my relationship with Carlos with the band," adds the singer/songwriter, who has a penchant for working with artists outside the group.

"I'm like a 16-year-old kid. When my manager tells me someone wants to work with me, I'll go, 'Hey, I'd like to hang out with this guy!' It's based on love of music and whether I think we'll have a good time."

Thomas collaborated with Mick Jagger on the current hit "Disease," is looking forward to more work with hip-hop producer Corey Rooney, loved working with Willie Nelson and has done several songs with Enrique Iglesias.

"We'll see if they get on his record," says Rob.