Today Show Backstage Interview Transcript

MATT LAUER, co-host:

And this morning on BACKSTAGE PASS, the five guys behind Matchbook--box Twenty, excuse me. Their debut CD sold more than 11 million copies. They followed that up with a CD that was nominated for two Grammy awards. And although they're now on a very successful North American tour, Matchbox Twenty seems to be having something of an identity crisis.

(Clip of Matchbox 20 performing)

Mr. ROB THOMAS (Matchbox Twenty): Matchbox Twenty. Matchbox Twenty.

Mr. PAUL DOUCETTE: It's such a stupid name.

Mr. THOMAS: Yeah, it just does not--it just doesn't fit. I mean...

Mr. DOUCETTE: It was cool when we were, like, you know, 20...

Mr. THOMAS: Yeah.

Mr. DOUCETTE: ...22.

(Clip of Matchbox 20 performing)

Mr. THOMAS: I think we're just, you know, your typical run-of-the-mill, rock, pop, country, jazz...


Mr. THOMAS: ...soul kind of a quintet.

(Clip of Matchbox Twenty performing)

Mr. DOUCETTE: You know, few people get to do what we do at--at the level that we do it. We've kind of been lucky enough to get some success with this.

LAUER: Lead singer Rob Thomas and drummer Paul Doucette are the main songwriters for the band, and collaboration isn't always easy. In fact, at times, a little tension tossed into the mix makes for better music.

Mr. THOMAS: You know what I mean? When we do it twice, after we go into, (singing), say that you'll...

Mr. DOUCETTE: Rob and I have been playing together for 10 years. We've spent a lot of time together.

(Clip of Matchbox Twenty performing)

Mr. DOUCETTE: We both want to make a great record, and we both want to do--put on a great show. And we want to do everything the best we possibly can. It's a struggle, me pushing it this way and him pushing it that way until we meet kind of somewhere in the middle.

(Clip of Matchbox Twenty performing)

LAUER: The band's inspired lyrics speak directly to the fans.

Unidentified Woman: You guys are great. I have to tell you, your music gets me through sometimes.

Mr. THOMAS: Have you guys been to a show yet?

(Clip of Matchbox Twenty performing)

LAUER: And while other bands would be comfortable with their success, with every album Matchbox Twenty strives to take it up a notch.

Mr. DOUCETTE: We're always in search of the great song and, you know, sometimes maybe we come closer than others. But in our opinion, we've never hit it, and we're still looking.

(Clip of Matchbox Twenty performing)

LAUER: Back to the live shot. Take a look at them. They're inside, I think, hanging out with Katie.

KATIE COURIC, co-host:

What I can tell you, Matt?

LAUER: You are such a groupie.

COURIC: I know.

LAUER: And they're heading to the stage. They'll perform in just a minute. But first this is TODAY on NBC.