MSN Chat with Rob and Adam Jan. 8, 2003

DishDiva says: Welcome to Matchbox Twenty! Hey guys, it's great to have you back here!

DishDiva says: Guys welcome!

DishDiva says: Rob, Adam, thanks for joining us tonight!

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Hello fans around the world!!

DishDiva says: Before we get started where are you joining us from tonight?

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Rob: I'm in New York.

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Adam: I'm in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

1_Riled_Butterfly in Onstage1 asks: first of all I want to start by saying I am a HUGE fan and I can relate to almost every song you have made I just wonder if you come up with these song from your heart or is it kinda a group effort? And I LOVE YOU GUYS!!

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Rob: Very nice. The majority of the writing, it all starts from a personal place, maybe it's a line or a phrase, but it always starts in a personal place. And it's about turning that into a song.

KrazyKeith_3 in Onstage4 asks: When will the band announce their tour?

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Adam: Settle down, and change your name to Komplacement Keith. (laughs) Don't you think so Rob?

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Rob: Yeah.

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Adam: We'll be touring in the spring. Tickets should go on sale in April, May, and June.

cabre_san_cor in Onstage3 asks: What inspired you guys mostly when making this album which i think is a great album, quite different from the rest but still a great album.

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Adam: We needed to work. (laughs)

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Rob: Things we're inspired by, an evolution of the record we made before and be about writing great songs and try and grow.

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Adam: If five of us can leave the studio and be happy with the album, the inspiration comes from each of us putting out our best effort.

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: That is all the inspiration we need to come up with something and be happy with it.

rosefire20 in Onstage3 asks: We're all dying to know if you guys have finished duking it out over the next single?

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Adam: Rosefire, she sounds hot!

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Rob: YES!! We're done duking it out.

dawnnoelle in Onstage1 asks: Will you continue to make videos for each new single or has the expense become too great?

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Rob: I wanted to do courtroom sketches for the next video because I thought the budget would be small, but I got out voted on that one. (laughs)

GreedierGiraffe in Onstage1 asks: What's the story behind "bright lights?"

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Rob: "Bright Lights" doesn't have a story. You create a story in your mind and I created it in my mind.

Lethaldawn in Onstage4 asks: Is there any perticular song that you poured your heart out into? Rob. This Tabitha's secret cd is good!

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Rob: My favorite song, I try to put as much as I can in every song, and thank you.

RedHead130 in Onstage4 asks: WHAT is the new single?? Pweaaaase? For me?

Girl_Like_That_20 in Onstage4 asks: Okay......soooo....what is the new single???? (Love ya!)

rivvyy in Onstage4 asks: what will the next single be and when will it be released?

theREAL1thatuwrecked in Onstage3 asks: Nice dodgy answer Rob.. vould you tell us what the next single will be?? (I LOVE YOU GUYS!!)

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Rob: It will be "Unwell." Will you be happy with that?

DishDiva says: What do you guys think?

rudymatch20 in Onstage4 asks: I'm dying of curiosity..what do you sing at the end of Downfall ! I love that song!

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Rob: It's completely made up. It's song writing gibberish that you make up when you write a song, and we just left that on there because we liked how it sounded.

sweetnzgirlie in Onstage3 asks: Do you think your fans might get concerned about your health - first "Disease" then "Unwell"?

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: (laughs)

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Adam: We were going to call the album "Hospital" but realized that wasn't funny. So we looked in a medical reference dictionary and just picked five words out. (laughs)

cleothetiger in Onstage1 asks: I've noticed that a lot of the songs on MTYTYA have a spiritual feel to them. Did anything new occur in your lives to aid in this?

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Rob: I think we're all just getting a little bit older and our lives are getting filled up with different things and our priorities are shifting around.

PeachyAkbatch20022 in Onstage1 asks: Adam, what would you be doing if you weren't a member of Matchbox Twenty? a comedian perhaps?

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Adam: I'm a true entertainer at heart, but my other passion was something in video. If I didn't get this job with the Match Stick Kids I would do something with film and editing. Rob, what would you have done?

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Rob: I don't know what I'd do, I'm hanging out at 9pm talking to kids on the internet, how can you even compare to that?

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Adam: Thank you for saying I was funny.

DishDiva says: Rob is getting a FAX here as we speak.

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Adam: What is it?

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Rob: It's in regards to our trip to Singapore.

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Adam: Are we going?!

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Rob: Yes we're going.

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Adam: Singapore, brace yourself, Matchbox Twenty is coming!

Ineedyou143 in Onstage3 asks: How do we know this is the REAL Matchbox?

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Rob: That's a good question, you don't. (laughs)

DishDiva says: These guys just looked a lot like the band. . .(laughs)

DishDiva says: No, really it is.

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Adam: It's just two weird guys sitting in North Dakota. (laughs) Would Microsoft lie to you?

Mtchbxfan in Onstage4 asks: Adam, how many babydoll heads do you have in your collection now? I think they're so cute !!!

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Adam: I have my original baby-head doll which is a sibling, and I have an infinite number that fans throw at me. And this lady in L.A. make me custom ones. And thank you all because I want to give one to each child of the earth, they just need a toy.

ChattaBoogy in Onstage4 asks: Rob, are your Southern Roots inspiring you to do some country songs?

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Rob: Yeah, I wrote some on Willie Nelson's record and did something with Phil Vassar. I grew up in the South and it's always been part of my upbringing.

DeirdreinDublin in Onstage1 asks: 08/13/1970 - So Adam, are you always the last one to find things out?

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Adam: Yeah, the band members are always the last to know. Basically you get a phone call to get on a plane and you don't know where you're going or what you'll be doing there.

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Rob: It's like The Mole. (laughs)

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Adam: By the way, we had a GREAT time in Ireland and can't wait to go back.

-DayDay- in Onstage3 asks: Rob, what do you want for your birthday? i will have to get you something special =)

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Rob: Donate some money to Pets Alive. A donation in my name to Pets Alive would be wonderful. The website is

AmusableRendur in Onstage4 asks: Do you like all the notoriety that goes along with the music business?

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Rob: I think when it's attached to your music, you playing your music, then I think it's great. Because you always want a compass for your fans to tell you if they like it. The more people get into your music, the more people incorporate your

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: music in their daily lives.

ImaNutmother2 in Onstage3 asks: was there any truth to the title "any excuse for a parade"? i liked it, but i like parades

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Adam: Oh wow! How did they find that out?

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Rob: That was going to be the album title.

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Adam: That was my brilliant idea, seeing it on the wall in a restaurant. I took a picture of it and we were really close to using it, but the band and myself are happy with the title now.

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Rob: The more we made the record, we realized it didn't fit the record, so we didn't use it.

nuannda in Onstage4 asks: What was everyone's childhood nickname?

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Rob: I didn't have a nickname as a child, and I'd like one now. I keep throwing things out there and they just don't stick.

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Adam: I tried to call him Shaft, but that didn't stick either. I actually had a nickname in school, Mud. I had a teacher that said if I talked in class again she'd call me Mud, so that was my name for years.

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Adam: We were in Target and I didn't want people knowing I was yelling his name so I called him Jackson, and that stuck for a couple of weeks.

jrmatchstick in Onstage1 asks: Who has the most sarcastic and dryest sense of humor?

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Rob: I'm going for "Master of All I Survay."

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Rob: I would say Paul.

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Adam: He's pretty cunning. And he's quick like a cobra. (laughs) I'd say Paul, but that's not my answer because it's Rob's.

shame65 in Onstage4 asks: When you guys are not "working", do you ever spend time together just hanging out?

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: (together) ALL THE TIME!

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Rob: Every minute when we have time, we have like a Matchbox speakerline, it's connected to everyone and is a dedicated line. You'll walk in the kitchen and ask if anyone is on and someone will say, "Yes" and someone will say, "No." (laughs)

bunyabunya in Onstage1 asks: WHY NO NAME ON THE LAST SONG

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Rob: Because we finished it after we printed the album cover.

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Adam: True.

SassySmurf in Onstage4 asks: Do you find it difficult to balance your amazing careers and family?

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Rob: No.

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Adam: True.

SweetCyberAngel1 in Onstage3 asks: When are you guys gonna hook up with Santana again?

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Rob: As soon as we're in the same town, we'll get together, he's become a close friend of the entire band.

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Adam: Never did.

¤¤SUZ€Q¤¤™ in Onstage4 asks: Do any of you have a song that means more to you than the rest?

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Rob: We all have our favorites, but they seem to change weekly.

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Adam: I like that "Close To You" song, you know, "Why do birds suddenly appear?" That one. It means a lot to me.

Loracthims in Onstage4 asks: Are you likely to stop by my house for a cup of tea WHEN you're next in Scotland? You'd be very welcome.

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Rob: That's very very nice, thank you.

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Adam: And we'll roast some lamb.

DishDiva says: From all of your fans from around the world, thanks for joining us tonight to talk about you rnew cD.

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Adam: Yes, very, very.

DishDiva says: Are you guys excited about your appearance on the American Music Awards?

DishDiva says: Check out Matchbox Twenty on The American Music Awards on Monday night.

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Rob: Yeah, that was the first TV appearance we had seven years ago and it's nice to go back to do it again.

DishDiva says: Pick up "More Than You Think You Are" now!

Matchbox_Twenty_Live says: Thank you so much for hanging in with us for all the years. And thank you for making this earth seem so small and united in these few minutes of love we've shared.