Brian Yale and the Matchbox Twenty Foundation Scholarship

Michelle Valencia

Bassist Brian Yale, B.M. í93, attributes part of his success with the rock band Matchbox Twenty to what he learned at the University of Miami School of Music.

"I learned how to be a musician and a bassist, and how the music industry works," says Yale. "This is knowledge that I use to this day."

As a student at the University, Brian majored in Music Industry and immersed himself in jazz and classic rock. His favorite memories of his time at UM are playing in different bands every week for a grade in his rock class, as well as cheering on the Hurricanes football team.

Recently, Brian established an endowed scholarship in the School of Music to provide financial assistance to music students.

"I love the idea of forever helping a music student through this scholarship," explains Yale from Australia where he is currently on tour with Matchbox Twenty.

Endowed scholarships are particularly valuable because they last in perpetuity. The gift is invested, and only a portion of its average annual investment return is used. Scholarships also allow the University to meet one of its highest obligations: to attract and provide educational opportunities for its students. Talented and deserving students, who otherwise might not be able to attend the University of Miami, often find that a scholarship can make all the difference.

"By creating this scholarship for our Music students, Brian is providing an invaluable opportunity for generations to come," says William Hipp, Dean of the School of Music. "And his success is certainly an inspiration to us all."

In 2002, the five band members of Matchbox Twenty decided to create a philanthropic foundation. Each of the band members use the foundation to support different non-profit organizations and charities they feel strongly about. Brian chose to support his alma mater.

"Being able to help those students who are less fortunate is what itís all about," says Yale.

"Brian is not just about being a rock star," says Matthew Bonelli, a faculty member in the Department of Studio Music and Jazz who taught Brian when he was a student. "He, along with the other members of Matchbox Twenty, want to make a difference. They have a good work ethic."

Since making their debut six years ago, Matchbox Twenty has become one of the most admired and consistently successful rock bands in recent history, with over 20 million albums sold worldwide. Named as the "Best New Band" by the 1997 Rolling Stone Readers Poll, the band has logged an extraordinary string of hit singles, including such chart-topping favorites as "3AM," "If Youíre Gone," "Bent" and the recent hit, "Unwell."

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