Matchbox Twenty Producer is the New Head of Virgin

Matt Serletic, the production mastermind behind Santana's "Supernatural" and matchbox twenty's first two albums is the new head of Virgin Records.

The New York daily News reports Matt is off to warm the seat of disgraced ex-Chairman Nancy Berry, who vacated the company in October. Nancy was behind the open cheque book that entices Mariah Carey over to the label, only to be dumped after just one record.

Serletic on the other hand finds and develops new talent and draws out their commercial appeal. Case in point in matchbox twenty. Matt is credited as discovering the band and nurturing their talent in the studio. The result was the diamond selling debut "Yourself or Someone Like You".

Other acts that have come under the Serletic scalpel include Santana, Celine Dion and Aerosmith.

His most recent project was the 201st album for Willie Nelson "The Great Divide", in which he has redone his Santana / Rob Thomas experiment with the teaming of Rob with Willie.

The Santana album earned Matt two Grammy Awards for for "Album of the Year" and "Record of the Year" for "Smooth".

His latest work was with a Texan stadium rock act called Color.

By Paul Cashmere