Matchbox Twenty's Songwriting Evolves

Mon Dec 16, 1:50 PM ET

LONDON - Move aside teenage angst, matchbox twenty is getting decidedly more positive in its songwriting. Singer Rob Thomas believes that is the underlying feeling on the band's latest album, "More Than You Think You Are."

"There's more hopeful themes on this record than on any of the past records," Thomas told The Associated Press. "And I do write relationship songs, but not necessarily man-women love relationships, but just the way people react, it fascinates me. The way people treat each other fascinates me. And the way that makes people feel. And how that makes up all of who you are, the way you feel about someone can consume you."

All seriousness aside, matchbox twenty likes to think in the abstract - and often in humorous ways. For instance, if matchbox twenty were a movie, what kind of movie would they be?

Thomas said sometimes he feels they're the "Air Force One" of music, because it's a blockbuster.

Drummer Paul Doucette suggests the band is more like "American Beauty" than "Air Force One" because he says they're "a big blockbuster movie, but it's a quality film."

They also equate films with their contemporaries.

Thomas said the White Stripes would be "Pulp Fiction" because there's "a little creepiness going on." He also said the David Gray record would be more like "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" because he made it at his house