Ass Shakin'

Rob Thomas describes the unified and, well, "ass-shakin'" approach Matchbox Twenty is employing on their new album. Those convinced that Matchbox Twenty singer Rob Thomas is the nicest man in rock should consider the two most likely contenders for the first single off their forthcoming third album from Atlantic, due for a fall release and titled "Any Excuse for a Parade."

The first, co-written by Mick Jagger, has the un-Matchbox title "I Got A Disease' while the second "How You Wanna Feel" Thomas says, is code for f*ck you.

"f*ck you?"

"All the best songs come from a fight with your g/f or wife," says the singer over the phone from Los Angeles, rising at a very non-rock 9 am. The band has spent each day working on 40 new tunes in a tiny LA studio. There new album will again be produced by Matt Serletic.

Thomas says of the new material has a "stones-y, ass-shakin quality." Although it's hard to imagine Keith Richards having to leave the studio whenever he wanted a cigarette. "We take smoke breaks cuz of Adam," Thomas says. The band defers to the nicotine-free Gaynor's wish that they take the habit outside. More ammunition, it seems, for those who say that Thomas is just too nice to be a rock star.

"Dude" he says, "F*ck 'em"