Rob Thomas Recounts Writing Of Mick Jagger Album's Leadoff Track

Among the many notable collaborators on Mick Jagger's new album Goddess In The Doorway, which came out Tuesday (November 20), is Matchbox Twenty frontman Rob Thomas, who co-wrote and sang backing vocals on the opening track, "Visions Of Paradise."

Thomas says that he and keyboardist Matt Clifford actually started writing the track before Jagger arrived in the studio, with the Rolling Stones frontman bringing in his input after the song was beginning to take shape. "He was, like, a half an hour late, and me and one of the producers and writers, Matt Clifford, sat down and had written the first verse and going into the chorus. And then when Mick came in--you know, before he even sat his bag down, he gave us the hook, and we were just, like, 'Oh, right on.' And then we, you know, the three of us sat down and finished the song up together, so it was really nice 'cause it, it wasn't one of those situations where, when I worked with Willie (Nelson), I had some songs and I came in and played him a bunch of 'em, and he took three of 'em that he liked. And with this, you know, it was nice. When I got there, these songs didn't exist, you know, and now you come in and, and you write it from scratch."

Matchbox Twenty guitarist Kyle Cook also played guitar on "Visions Of Paradise." Thomas says he wrote a second song with Jagger, "I Got A Disease," which might show up on Matchbox Twenty's next album.