Matchbox Twenty's 'Season' Reaches One Year

(5/24/01, 4 p.m. ET) -- Matchbox Twenty's second album, Mad Season By Matchbox Twenty, has reached its 52nd week on the Billboard 200 album sales chart. The group's triple-platinum effort claims the Number 77 spot on the esteemed chart, with more than 18,000 copies sold, according to sources.

The success of Mad Season has been spurred by three successful singles--"Bent," "If You're Gone," and most recently, the album's title track. In fact, both "If You're Gone" and "Mad Season" are currently charting on multiple charts, including the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart at numbers 28 and 49, respectively.

Matchbox Twenty frontman Rob Thomas and guitarist Adam Gaynor recall the actual making of Mad Season, telling LAUNCH that the group had to find its groove before things started clicking.

"There wasn't anything really crazy about it," Gaynor said. "It was just getting going. It was just getting into the studio and taking the first week to kind of feel things out and get in a groove, and once you get in the groove..."

Thomas added, "Me and my drummer, Paul [Doucette], we wanted to kill each other for like two weeks. We would throw stuff at each other in the studio and write nasty letters to each other. He would come in and have this, 'Titles For Rob's Record' and give all these titles, and I would come in the next day and take it and turn it around and be like, 'Titles For Paul's Record.' We were just being nasty little brats. But after that we were good."

While Mad Season's success is formidable, it pales compared to the numbers posted by its predecessor, Yourself Or Someone Like You. More than 11 million copies of the 1996 debut album have been sold.

Matchbox Twenty kicks off its latest headlining tour, also featuring Train, on July 31 at the Fargodome in Fargo, North Dakota. In the interim, look for the group on the season debut of VH1's Storytellers series June 1. Other acts to appear this year currently include Travis, ELO, and Billy Idol.

-- Neal Weiss, Los Angeles and Darren Davis, New York