Net 2Night Interview With Kyle Cook

Originally aired January 7, 2001.

DJ: And joining us here on the Net 2Night, its Kyle from Matchbox Twenty. Now we've had so many emails from our listeners asking questions. Mind if you answer a few?

Kyle: Ok. (He sounded simply thrilled!)

DJ: Cool. Well, the first one comes from Kara from Oklahoma City. And she says: "I love the last album. Was there a lot of pressure on you to come up with something great as a follow-up?"

Kyle: Well, yeah. We definitely had that, that shadow of when Yourself Or Someone Like You was so successful. It's always hard to follow that up. I think everybody was concerned about that, but we feel like we've made a great record here. And the songs are still phenomenal. And I think that we're really proud of it.

DJ: You should be. Robert is next, from Colorado Springs. He says: "How is it like being an international rock star? What’s changed for you?"

Kyle: You kinda like how your personal life, and your family and friends kinda treat you. Do you know what I'm sayin'? I mean, suddenly you're more of the guy that's involved with Matchbox Twenty than you are now.

DJ: Give us a bit of an example.

Kyle: Just as far, you know, how your family treats you. It's like every time I go home now my mom's got stacks of stuff for me to sign. And its like, 'Mom!' you know? 'I’m your son still, you know?' She's tryin' to pimp me out or somethin.' ::laughs::

DJ: The next one comes from Claire from Portland, she asks: "Why have you dropped the number twenty from your name and changed it to text?"

Kyle: Oh. Good question. You know, I really don't know. I don't even know that I can pinpoint why…the reason that we did that….um..maybe just to do somethin' different or avoid the numeral thing. I really don't know.

DJ: One more question. Katie from Saganough: "Do you remember the very first time you heard your song on the radio?"

Kyle: Yeah, we were in, I think, Dallas, Texas. And they played "Long Day." ::laughs:: we were all jumpin' up and down in the rockin' from side to side. It was funny. From that transition to suddenly "Push" became a hit, and suddenly it was on the air every second, and suddenly now we were switching. Like "God, we're sick of it, you know?" It seems like a matter of two weeks from the time we were so excited to hear it on the radio to about a month later we were switching it going, "What the hell? We're tired of this song."

DJ: Fair enough. Alright. Well there we are. Kyle from Matchbox Twenty here on the Net 2night. Mate, thanks for doing that. ::playing "If You're Gone"::