Open House Party Interview 02/17/01

*Note: It took a long, LONG time to type this out...please don't steal it :)

::phone number being dialed::

Rob: Hello?

D.J.: Hi, Barney Rubble please.

Rob: Yeah, this is me.

D.J.: Oh, it's Barney!

Rob: Hey, what are you doin’, man?

D.J.: ::laughs:: Barney Rubble?

Rob: ::laughs::

D.J.: Joe Perry used to use Dick Laughman.

Rob: Oh, yes. You know, the best one I’ve heard recently was Fred Zepplin.

D.J.: ::laughs:: No, this is really Rob Thomas, isn’t it? I think!

Rob: It is. Is this really John Garabedian?

D.J.: John GarabEEdian. (He was referring to Rob pronunciation of his name in an earlier commercial.)

Rob: ::laughs:: How yah been, man?

D.J.: I been great. How you been?

Rob: Good, man. Busy.

D.J.: Well, I’m glad. Hold on one second, we’re gonna play some commercials and then we’re gonna put you on the radio and stuff an….

Rob: O.K.

D.J.: …talk about the world.

(They do the unthinkable and actually make Rob wait while they play commercials. Unforgivable, in my opinion.)

D.J.: Open House Party with Rob Thomas from Matchbox Twenty. Hello, hello, hello!

Rob: Hello, hello, hellooo!

D.J. Two Grammy nominations: Best Rock Song, Best Rock Album.

Rob: I know! Can you believe it!? To see the Grammy Nominee and then see Matchbox Twenty next to it. It feels good.

D.J.: I know, yeah. You look great in the video. You’ve dropped some weight!

Rob: Man, you know, that’s what a good woman will do for yah.

D.J.: What, does she keep you dancing or going to the gym?

Rob: Uh..All of it at the same time!

D.J.: Or something else…

Rob: ::laughs:: Yeah..Naw, you know what it was? I just got tired of there being something else. You know what I mean?

D.J.: Yeah.

Rob: It was like, you put out a good record and then the first time I see my face in Rolling Stone it’s making fun of me for being fat. I think that hit the nail on the head for me.

D.J.: Did they do that!? (I don’t know what planet this man lives on.)

Rob: Oh, yeah. But I gotta give them credit, man. It was clever at least. It was like a big picture of me from the (unintelligible) Festival and it was a bad picture on top of it. It said something about how the road to success leads to the deli tray.

::Both laugh::

D.J.: What’s your downfall though? Was it beer or chips…?

Rob: Well, yeah at the time that was what it was. All the drinking. You don’t realize how bloated you get from just drinkin’ whiskey all the time and drinkin’ yaegermeister shots all night.

D.J.: But you have a wife who’s one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life.

Rob: Oh, she’s great. She really is.

D.J.: She keeps you on the straight and narrow, huh?

Rob: Yeah, she has to. You know, you can’t just have a beautiful model wife and be fat. ::laughs::

D.J.: Is she with child yet or anything?

Rob: No, not yet. She’s been really busy. Actually just yesterday I was with her. She had her first runway show. I went to it.

D.J.: Oh! So what have you been doing with your time off?

Rob: Well, I’ve been at home. Still trying to get the house together. Hasn’t quite come together yet. And I’ve been doing a lot of writing.

D.J.: Have you done any stuff for other people?

Rob: Yeah, I just wrote three songs on the new Willie Nelson record.

D.J.: Really?

Rob: Yeah. I’m not doing any more singing with other people. It’s just kind of writing projects that I’ve been workin’ on here and there.

D.J.: How do people approach you?

Rob: Umm..Funny…Cuz we get a lot of stuff. My publisher gets stuff all the time. But I don’t wanna be a hired gun songwriter. I don’t wanna start writing all the pop hits for the Backstreet Boys, you know what I mean? So its been hard just turning down a lot of stuff. But then you get something like Willie Nelson, who is a legend. Cuz it wasn’t something that I wanted to do…to be a songwriter outside of the band.

D.J.: Did you write with Willie Nelson or just write some songs for him?

Rob: Well, we started writin’ one together but the ones that ended up on the record were just ones that I had written that he just really liked a lot.

D.J.: Yeah, so how do you write songs?

Rob: I dunno, I just usually get depressed and sit down at the piano, I guess. ::laughs::

D.J.: ::laughs::

Rob: I guess that’s why….Cuz I’m a pretty happy guy most of the time. I don’t take myself too seriously or take any of this too seriously and it’s funny cuz we come up with all this depressing music sometimes.

D.J.: Well, people like the drama, I guess…

Rob: Yeah, that’s the only reason why. Like, if I’m feeling good I’m not writin’. I’m out enjoying the fact that I feel good. If I feel bad, that’s when I’ll sit down and start writin’.

D.J.: So what about the new single. What’s it gonna be from the new album?

Rob: It’s gonna be Mad Season.

D.J.: Oh! Alright!

Rob: We’re actually…In three days we’re kicking off to go shoot the video for it.

D.J.: Well, should we play that?! Or should we play If You’re Gone?

Rob: Play Mad Season, man!!

D.J.: Let’s get the new thing going!

Rob: Yeah, let’s do it, baby!

D.J.: Alright, everybody! ::cheering in background as music starts:: Here it is! Matchbox Twenty. Rob Thomas. Have a great night!

Rob: Right on! You too, man.

D.J.: We’ll see you soon.