Kyle Cook: Chef In the Kitchen of Matchbox Twenty

Kyle Cook doesn't plug in and play, oh no. Though he "comes from an earthy place" guitar-wise, there's still more than a tad of technology involved when it comes to a Matchbox Twenty concert. Here's the method to his musical madness:

"I run everything into a TC Electronics effects processor... the brain is this Bradshaw system. There's a guy in L.A. who has been making pedals for the last 10-15 years, and they're a switching system where you have all these options on one board. You have different banks, and each bank has so many patches you can access. Basically, all the songs are laid out from number one to the end of the set, and each number of the bank, then there are six different effects or options in each song to choose from, which are programmed into this TC Electronics thing. Then there are a few outboard pedals that my guitar tech can manually hit over offside stage. A lot of it was Matt's influence. I still hear the effects as much as I do the actual notes and the music. I come from more of an earthy place. Matt sat in rehearsals for the first tour and actually programmed a lot of the stuff for me and Adam. He knew exactly what he did in the studio, so he could match it up."

By Katherine Turman