MSN Chat (September 11, 2000)

*Note: Please don't take this :)

Guest_Taylor : Tonight, we join triple Grammy winner Rob Thomas and Adam Gaynor and as they pack for their college tour.
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : Thank you Taylor! What an introduction! I feel good about myself now. ::laugh::
Guest_Taylor : Tell me about the tour. Are you excited?
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : It's going to be a good season, we've got a good team. We're ready to go out there and win one for the team.
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : We have matching uniforms too! ::laugh!::

Guest_Taylor : How does the college audience differ from others?
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : No, no, we're going to buckle down now. ::laugh::
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : I just want everyone to know everyone can come to the show.
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : I still think we'll have a pretty diverse crowd, we're hitting the middle ground with the college age.

Guest_Taylor : What things are you taking on tour?
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : Good question! I've got some computer editing gear and I have a twenty pound cosmetic bag. We play ‘what's in the Cosmetic bag’? ::laugh::
Guest_Taylor : If you can make yourself look like Cary Grant you can come back every night!
Guest_Taylor : Hey guys! What's up with the peacocks?
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : We couldn’t get rid of him during the photo shoot. My grandmother used to be a peacock breeder.
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : What happens…when we started the record and did photo shoots and got geared up with the record… We noticed the colors from the album cover. It was the same colors of the peacock.

Guest_Taylor : So who's grandma had the peacock farm?
Guest_Taylor : What kind of peacocks?
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : Adam's. It was the Ferecent Middle Asian Gray. Then it went to the Red Stool Peacock.
Guest_Taylor : I'm really impressed or really gullible.
Guest_Taylor : You've answered this before.
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : It's nothing personally against Pookie. It's a metaphor where something good comes along and you don't recognize it and take it.
Guest_Taylor : What is the hardest and funnest part of doing the tour?
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : I think its two weeks before the tour date and you have to gear up. Basically, you make it your tour and pace yourself so its always fresh.
Guest_Taylor : Is your goal to make each song different or close to the same?
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : When we're rehearsing its to make it sound like a record, and clear. Which really gets more complicated than it sounds. Trying to get all the sounds together. The best thing to do is find consistency.
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : Thank you baby! Maybe you can start a peacock farm.

Guest_Taylor : I love hearing about the peacocks – F.Y.I.
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : I can send you some peacock eggs! ::laughs::
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : Thank you all for coming out! And take some fluids.

Guest_Taylor : I want to know, where is your favorite place to eat?
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : Hey Carleene! Catering!! On the road, they don't really feed us. Its mostly crackers and ice water.
Guest_Taylor : And room service…
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : I'm a grilled chicken guy.
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : I like when that guy comes in and tickles my feet. ::laugh::

Guest_Taylor : Are you inviting me to go on tour?
Guest_Taylor : Tip: Order kids menu!!!
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : Do you travel much?! ::laugh:: Bring it on!!
Guest_Taylor : Do you get the toys too?
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : Usually that's when the guy comes in and tickles my feet. ::laugh::
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : I want to thank you all for being here!

Guest_Taylor : nikita601 Asks: What was the most embarrassing thing that happened to you on tour?
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : The ones that we're willing to talk about are....
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : Rob: the one where I fell off the stage in Memphis.
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : We thought we had lost our precious Rob!
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : But he was ok.
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : Tom picked up Adam and threw him off the stage.
Guest_Taylor : Shann207 Asks: why is Pookie called Pookie?
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : We've been trying to figure that out for years. One of our guitar techs that started that. It's the only one that stuck.
Guest_Taylor : Do you guys have nicknames?
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : We all call each other like Wheatie! I've been trying to get the band to call me Maurice.
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : And Grammy-O is my favorite.

Guest_Taylor : Oh, you don't sound old...
Guest_Taylor : On to question 27…
Guest_Taylor : Congratulations on the Grammy, Rob!
Guest_Taylor : What made you think to play with Santana?
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : Actually I got a call from somebody that co-wrote a song for the Santana track (Itaal Shur) and asked if I would co-write with him. They asked later for me to sing on the album with him.
Guest_Taylor : Did you expect it?
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : When I heard the rest of the album, I knew I was part of something special. In fact, "Smooth" wasn't my favorite track. So I didn't expect much from it.
Guest_Taylor : PauleyBear Asks: In the Bent video, Rob, who really out ran who when you and Kyle were running down the alley? Did you have to slow up so he could catch you?
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : Rob did all the stunt work. He had to get 42 stiches in his head.
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : Rob: That's not true!
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : No, we put the camera at the end of the hallway and just halled a** down the hallway.

Guest_Taylor : Indiana breeds young bucks!
Guest_Taylor : It seems fans are curious about other fans. Laura1 says: What is the majority of gifts you get sent from fans?
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : We went through a beanie baby craze for a while.
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : For some reason I wore a Virginia sweatshirt and I got a lot of Virginia stuff.
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : I like when people throw $100 bills at us. ::laugh::
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : Rob: At my house, we have all the stuff that fans give to me. My wife has it nicely set up.
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : Yeah, you don't want to just throw that stuff away.

Guest_Taylor : Will you be playing all the songs from Mad Season?
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : Most of them. Pretty much the kit ‘n kaboodle. You're getting the kitchen sink here.
Guest_Taylor : Brook asks: I was wondering if you'll be singing Time after Time?
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : See yah in a couple days, baby!!! You know, you never know. Sometimes we put it in, and sometimes we don't.
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : Brook, that's a sweet name!

Guest_Taylor : Savannah says: Do you wake up every day and say "WOW!! I can't believe this is me and my life." Or do you say "I want more"? follow-up... what is the more you want?
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : Rob: I pretty much wake up every day and go back to sleep. ::laugh:: I actually feel very fortunate every day. Everything is going mad and we think; this is our little band, five geeks that played at the crappy little club down the street.
Guest_Taylor : Isn't that cool?
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : Adam: We totally appreciate our job and hope that other appreciate what we do, too.
Guest_Taylor : Very cool!!!
Guest_Taylor : fireybabe Asks: What is the strangest question you have ever been asked? Did you answer it?
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : I once had somebody ask me what was I thinking when I wrote the song "Broadway Star Tonight" ::laugh::
Guest_Taylor : Miraluka11 Asks: Can you sing the KitKat song?
Guest_Taylor : It sounded like the Armour Hot Dog song!
Guest_Taylor : Breeze Asks: Rob, what is your favourite song in your latest album?
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : I like that ‘Maria, Maria’ song.
Guest_Taylor : Of course, on your album!!!
Guest_Taylor : It's never too late.
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : Adam: I don't know, whatever Taylor's is.
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : It's so hard to pick, it's like picking your favorite child.
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : Rob: "You Won't Be Mine."

Guest_Taylor : I've totally lost control, right?
Guest_Taylor : Adamssenakers4me says: Let say (hypothetically) that in the same day, 20,000 people bought your record AND all 20,000 seats to one of your shows in any given venue sold out. Would you consider one of these more exciting/rewarding, and if so, why? Matchbox_Twenty_Live : I would take people coming to the shows.
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : Yeah, pretty cool.
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : It's cool that there's people buying your record because you spend so much time on it. You do all that to support that and play live.
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : These are apples and oranges in comparison.

Guest_Taylor : Belinda in Australia says: G'day mate! I can't wait for your concert! Are you looking forward to coming down under? Matchbox_Twenty_Live : G’day.
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : We just took pictures for our passports! We're ready to go!! We got the best of both worlds. Its one of the most favorite places we enjoy going, when we have to leave this country which we love so much.
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : They run around nekkid over there.
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : It's going to be flopping!! ::laugh::

Guest_Taylor : So the Olympic will be really cool!
Guest_Taylor : Here's an interesting question! Rachel wants to know, where your fans love you the most?
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : I don't know. That's a hard call. Was that Sneakers again? That's not up to us.
Guest_Taylor : I thought it was an interesting question! Guide_LarryH : Saxycat says: Why did you choose "If you're Gone" as the next single? P.S. The CD is wonderful!
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : P.S.S. Thank you! Matchbox_Twenty_Live : That was the one we all agreed on. The band really wanted to release it. Matchbox_Twenty_Live : Either that or the psychic hotline! ::laugh::
Guest_Taylor : Call me next time!
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : If anyone needs anything, we're just sitting here…not doing very much…So if anyone in the room needs anything, just let us know.
Guest_Taylor : Krysny says: How does it make each one of you feel, when you come out on that stage and look out in the faces of all of your fans and hear them cheering for you and singing your songs? What goes through your mind?
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : A lot of things are determined by, where the crowd is, deer in headlights, and their response is minimal, it's hard, but when they give so much energy, then we have to give that energy back and it's pretty pumped!
Guest_Taylor : Are you bored?
Guest_Taylor : Jaded2027 says: This question is for Rob -- What happened to your Elvis guitar? Why don't you ever play it anymore? Have you just retired it, sacrificed it to the guitar gods, what?
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : I have my Elvis Guitar at home and I just found a guitar that I think sounds a little better. I still have it at home though.
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : Even the king retired.

Guest_Taylor : luckymb20fan says: Wassup with your site. Spend too much time there. Who designed it?
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : It would be a few different companies and we helped. We tried to tweek our original site and gave them some great graphics.
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : Hopefully we can come up with fun ideas to keep everyone in touch with the band while we're on tour.
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : It's a foundation to our site and we're going to do a lot more fun things.

Guest_Taylor : I am speechless now.
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : We're going to have a game where you can undress Paul. Its a trivia question on "Men at Work". Not the band, but the Charlie Sheen movie. And he undresses down to a beanie cap and G-string.
Guest_Taylor : Arlene says: What aspect of touring do you enjoy the most?
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : I think the only good thing about it is that you get to play. You do get to meet a lot of people while you're out and new friends you make while you're out. And playing every night, you might have the crappiest day, but when you play you forget everything else.
Guest_Taylor : We're really looking forward to New Orleans.
Matchbox_Twenty_Live : We wish you all a long life and thanks to everyone that hung out with us. We look forward to seeing you on our website.
Guest_Taylor : Guys, thanks for joining us for this very special season premiere! Best of luck on your tour, which of course starts tomorrow.
Guest_Taylor : We've been talking with Matchbox Twenty about their new CD, "Mad Season" and their college tour which starts tomorrow in New Orleans. Check out their website at for more on tour dates and information about the band.