Review (rather amusing)

Artist: Matchbox Twenty

Album: Mad Season

Genre: Rock

Chart Action: Disc came in at number 3. "Bent" became a Top-20 hit.

Reviewed By: Bob Waliszewski

Pro-Social Content: "Angry" articulates the negative fallout from bitterness ("Itís good that Iím not angry . . . It gets inside and it tears you up"). Lead singer Rob Thomas wants to heal a damaged relationship ("If Youíre Gone") and repents of deception ("Bed of Lies"). He also admits to being jaded and asks a friend for support on the CDís first single, "Bent" ("If I fall along the way/Pick me up and dust me off/And if I get too tired to make it/Be my breath so I can walk"). Despite trials, an undercurrent of optimism exists on "Black & White People" and "You Wonít Be Mine" (the latter states, "Youíll be strong/Youíll be rich in love and you will carry on").

Objectionable Content: A handful of mild profanities and one blasphemous use of Godís name.

Summary/Advisory: This disc expresses a lot of pain, but Matchbox Twenty (formerly Matchbox 20) typically looks to a brighter day. No suicidal fantasies. No coping through substance abuse. No hostility towards outstretched hands. In fact, several songs wisely solicit help, if not from above. A few choice words notwithstanding, Mad Season is a marked improvement over the bandís last release, 1997ís Yourself or Someone Like You. Letís hope that positive shift continues. In the meantime, teens partial to this musical style might want to check out CCMís Big Tent Revival.