Transcript of Yahoo! Chat with Matchbox20 May 5, 1999

Yahoomc: alright enough wasting time -- here's matchbox20!!!
matchbox20_live: Adam: I just want to say, Rob, it's great having you here! Do you have any milk I can borrow?
matchbox20_live: Rob: Sorry, I don't, it's great to be here guys! How you doing?

jcrunkgrl asks: Whats it like being so popular with the teenage girls?
matchbox20_live: ROB: LOL! I don't know, I just hope we're popular with lots of different people. I think teenage girls are great because they don't drink, and don't get annoying! And then they're nice and say they like us!

LoLojc8876 asks: When are you touring and who is touring with you?
matchbox20_live: Adam: We're going to be off the road for a little while getting the next record ready for everybody, which should be ready towards the end of the summer. After that we'll put together some kind of a tour at the beginning of the year -- with your favorite band opening!

duckbeat asks: I'm in a working band, and it seems to me that when trying to figure out "push" and "3am", the guitars are tuned low... but not down to d. Where do you tune and why?
matchbox20_live: Adam: 3am is just normal. Push is half a step down. And then the guitar tablature is in the books, you can look 'em up.

Princesse_BROK asks: do your friends treat you differently now that your so famous?
matchbox20_live: Rob: We don't know, we've forgotten all our friends! LOL! No really, everybody who was really our friend is still our friend. It's only people that we didn't know so well that...
matchbox20_live: Adam: It's just when people that you haven't talked to in 20 years call up to "catch up"...

LuvinAdamMb20 asks: Adam? Do you enjoy it when people call you sillypants? (mischevious smile)
matchbox20_live: Adam: LOL! Ahh! I think Silly Pants is a wonderful nickname - I think Fast Britches is a little more distrubing!
matchbox20_live: Rob: Once our guitar player called Fran Drescher Funny Pants, and she went like "Ooooww...

alwaysnumber1guy asks: When is your next CD coming out, and what will it be called?
matchbox20_live: Rob: Hopefully the beginning of next year. The title is going to come thru the process of making it. I'm peeing right now! Adam's wearing slippers, and Rob's peeing!

Princesse_BROK asks: did you ever get detention in school? and why?
matchbox20_live: Rob: I lived in detention! After day detention, every Saturday, Saturday school. Because I thought it was more fun to go to the beach and surf than classses. And first period forget it. But I don't think kids should do that, because I lucked out! I think if you're over 17 you can fuck up your life any way you want, but -- you can't blame me for it. You can blame Adam.
matchbox20_live: Adams: Kids - stay in school!

mike_0212 asks: Rob, whats your reaction to Stephen Jenkins (3rd eye) going off on your band in RS magazine?
matchbox20_live: Rob: You know, nothing. I turned down that article, just because it's not really a big deal, I just don't like him, I like the band. They offered me the article and I turned it down.
matchbox20_live: Adam: you know Rob, he's a glue sniffer.

Ariana98_98 asks: What is your favorite food?
matchbox20_live: Rob: Ooh, hmm. It's got to be Ben's Pizza in SoHo on Spring and Thompson. But I can only eat it every couple of weeks.
matchbox20_live: Adam: Quit putting me on the spot, that's personal!
matchbox20_live: Rob: And Rendezvous barbecue in Memphis, Tennessee.

cab928 asks: where are kyle, paul and bryan?
matchbox20_live: Adam: Sleeping?

Guppy_da_fish asks: Who are your biggest influences, and how did you start out??
matchbox20_live: Adam: You go, man.
matchbox20_live: Rob: My biggest number one influences are Willie Nelson, any songwriters, Van Morrisson, Billy Joel, Paul Simon, when I was growing up I just wanted to be a songwriter.
matchbox20_live: Adam: I liked Radio Raheem, and Meltrick Taylor the great welterweight boxing champion, a great influence in my life.

Back2Blah asks: Adam do you have any embarassing moments on stage?
matchbox20_live: Adam: I liked the one when Kyle pushed me into a guy in a wheelchair. It was tough, I landed on this guy while still holding my guitar, he was still smiling getting into the show.
matchbox20_live: Rob: It was in Houston at the Hardrock, it was a small room with a shitload of people. And at the end of the show, Kyle actually picks up Adam and thru him into the crowd and walked off the stage!
matchbox20_live: Adam: It was great! Golly, it was great!

gregseguin asks: how long did you have to play in like clubs and stuff untill you became really popular?
matchbox20_live: Adam: Two hours!
matchbox20_live: Rob: We've all been playing individually since we were 14, 15. Once we signed with Atlantic, for like a year, before things started picking up. And that was a year after our record came out. After we got signed it was like 1 1/2 years, 2 years.

Ariana98_98 asks: Where is the best place to rehearse besides the studio?
matchbox20_live: Adam: We rehearse at RTM in Atlanta.

LauraRudyToot asks: If you cross your eyes for a long time will they get stuck?
matchbox20_live: Rob: Yes.
matchbox20_live: Adam: They will if you get hit in the back of the head. Or if a train hits your car.

Dont_Let_Me_Down_Kyle asks: Where can I send adam some baby heads?
matchbox20_live: Adam: Yeah, I really, really appreciate the gesture, and I don't really know what to say. I have the dolls head on my amplifier, I just wouldn't know where to tell you send them, but thanks for thinking about me.

jason_7455 asks: If the Smurfs and Snorks were to get in an all out war....who would win?
matchbox20_live: Rob: It depends. It's a matter of geography. Because the Smurfs are land animals while the Snorks are clearly water animals. So it really matters where they fought. But Poppa Smurf has got his shit together, and could build boats out of mushrooms, and use something to maybe drop on the snorks. Or find a way to drop things into their little airholes, like dead fish.
matchbox20_live: Adam: Or concrete, either way it's going to be a bloody nightmare. And kids. Leave the violence at home.
matchbox20_live: Rob: Where it belongs.

MR242 asks: What does Matchbox20 think of school violence in the United States?
matchbox20_live: Rob: I think it's not even the problem of school violence, I think, if you go back to the source, school violence to me was you either got your ass kicked or you didn't get your ass kicked. Now it's a matter of if you're 18 years old, because of a loophole in the Brady Bill that's actually bigger than the Brady Bill itself, which says if you buy a gun from a licensed dealer, then you have a cooloff period. But if you go to an unlicensed dealer, at a gun show, there are thousands of these unlicensed assault weapons, etc. that normally you wouldn't be able to buy, that anyone over 18 years of age can buy because they're "collectors"... I think the fact is, because of this, the idea of school violence is a lot scarier than it used to be. 'Cause kids 15 or 16 years old, there's always violence their anyway, the kids are emotional and confused, and there is always that venting going on.
matchbox20_live: Rob: It's hard enough for the schools to try and curb that just on its own. It's just a physical fact, part of puberty. So with the added availability of guns, the fact that it's just so easy for anyone over 18 to get not only guns, but kinds of guns that just shouldn't be allowed out of the armed forces... It used to be an easy answer and go to the homes. But in Colobine, these were supposedly loving, together homes. It's not that. It's available, it's too simple for the average person to have. I mean, a gun enthusiast is a death enthusiast
matchbox20_live: Adam: I think that anyone that agrees, I just think it's just an unbelievable simpler answer, of just more control and legislation. I mean it's simple. There is an organization called PAX, you can find it on the internet, and they need all the help they can. It's just about common sense to control. PAX is not an anti-gun organization... It was founded by people who have seen their families fall apart just because there were guns in the home.

Nautica_girl6 asks: what is the song titled "push" specifically about?
matchbox20_live: Rob: Specifically it was written about what later in life turned out to be a very irrelevant situation in my life. It was just about a bad relationship, about trying to gain control over one another and about making that a daily practice.

drkwlf asks: Hey Rob, if you had to do any job, but sing, what would it be?
matchbox20_live: Rob: Wow, that's a good one. I would either be Adam's personal dry cleaner.
matchbox20_live: Adam: Nice!
matchbox20_live: Rob: Or, I still believe that delivering flowers is cool.
matchbox20_live: Adam: Hey Rob, if you could be any professional sports athlete from bowling to ping pong to professional wrestling, what would it be?
matchbox20_live: Rob: OK Adam here we go. I'd be Bill Dance, the fishing guy.
matchbox20_live: Adam: Dude, that's a good answer!
matchbox20_live: Rob: You just sit around and fish and drink beer.
matchbox20_live: Adam: And I like the catch and release program! I like to take a good mackeral out of the water, pet him a few times, say, "look into the face of death fish", and then throw him back!

guy_in_khakis_1 asks: What's up with the camel in the bowling alley??
matchbox20_live: Rob: It was originally supposed to be a pig walking down the street but we saw too many pigs in videos - true - so when we decided to do it in the bowling alley we were going to use an armadillo, but the armadillo couldn't get any traction, he would slide. So the next logical step was a camel!

ladylove_41 asks: whats the most extreme thing a fan has done to get your guys attention?
matchbox20_live: Rob: Wow, Adam you get a lot of attention.
matchbox20_live: Adam: Actually one fan just stuck her hand up and called my name. I thought that was a little much, I called security.
matchbox20_live: Rob: Sometimes you get people who stay in the hotel lobby for hours. Some people are respectful, only a few percent of people cross that line, but when they do it's scary.

Princesse_BROK asks: If you could take 3 things to a deserted island what would it be?
matchbox20_live: Adam: A good pair of tennis shoes. A unlimited supply of my favorite beverage. And probably Rob to make sure the dry cleaning was done!
matchbox20_live: Rob: Even when your writers are off you're still pumping quality humor! My three things would be - I would take my soon to be wife. I would take a water purifier. And a Noah-like ark. Cause then I could breed all the animals.
matchbox20_live: Adam: If I could just remove the tennis shoes, and bring the professor from Gilligan's Island, you could make anything! You could make a ham radio out of coconuts.

lila_6581 asks: What warm-up and vocal exercises do you do before a performance?
matchbox20_live: Goo, goo, GOO, goo, goo!
matchbox20_live: Rob: We make the Yogi Bear sounds., We do the Roger Love exercise. He's a vocal coach in LA. Rob: And the Jan Smith method. She's a vocal coach in Atlanta. Between the two of them, we're a vocal dynamo!

grlgibson20 asks: i heard kyle and paul have contributed songs to the album. Will they also be singing them?
matchbox20_live: Rob: You know Paul doesn't like to sing. Although he sings like an angel. Kyle is always welcome to sing, because he has a beautiful voice.
matchbox20_live: Adam: Like an angel!
matchbox20_live: Rob: We really don't know yet what's going on. We have enough songs to make like two box sets. We're going to sort it all out.

dustykim asks: Can you eat 10 Cheeseburgers when it is 50cent Cheeseburger sunday at mcdonlads?
matchbox20_live: Adam: I'm lucky to get thru one.

Kim_berley22 asks: How do you guys eat a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup?
matchbox20_live: Rob: With a straw.

litig8or_1998 asks: Rob, is the wedding still on for October? Congratulations!
matchbox20_live: Rob: Thank you and yeah.
matchbox20_live: Adam: And everyone's invited!

abercrombie_softball asks: Are you guys going to make another music video soon?
matchbox20_live: Adam: When the next album comes out, we'll be working on the next video.
matchbox20_live: Rob: I just recorded a song with Santana, that I wrote with another writer Itaal Shur, the first single off his new record coming out this month, Santana's record. It's a great record, it's got a bunch of different artists on it, Wyclef Jean, Lauryn Hill, Eric Clapton, Dave Matthews, Everlast, Eagle Eye Cherry. And a couple of others. Each one does a song with Santana. We just got finished with that. It was produced by Matt Serletic.

feobie asks: i want to be a song writer too any suggestions?
matchbox20_live: Rob: You know the best advice, you have to write songs because you just love to write songs. You know? Like you're not ever ever going to get paid a dime to do it. You have to start like that and keep doing it like that no matter what.

SueCol asks: Rob what is your worst fear?
matchbox20_live: Rob: Flying. I hate to fly.
matchbox20_live: Adam: That one day I'm going to wake up, right?

gap_ak asks: So where do you guys think you will be in ten years?
matchbox20_live: Rob: Oh, umm, I can't think that far ahead, I think I have to do it a year at a time. No, I don't know what I'm going to do next year either.

pRaider77 asks: Rob are you going to try and play at woodstock at all?
matchbox20_live: Rob: No.
matchbox20_live: Adam: Unfortunately our schedule does not permit that at this time. We would have loved to have played. But we would play for Woodstock, the Peanut character, any time!

PhooFiter asks: Are you going to celebrate Cinco de Mayo tonight?
matchbox20_live: Rob: Well, hahaha, my girl is Latin. Honey are we going to celebrate the May 5 tonight?
matchbox20_live: She says: Yeaahh.
matchbox20_live: Rob: So I guess so.
matchbox20_live: Adam: I'd like to know the date the Mexicans were fighting, who were they fighting with. And why. The first caller, wins. Because we're all drinking, and no one knows why.

domino_78 asks: Hey Rob...could you please give me an idea what to name our baby if it's a girl. If it's a boy we're naming it after Stevie Ray Vaughan
matchbox20_live: Rob; Wow. Umm. That's too heavy. If I can think of it in the next few minutes, we'll get back to you.

PhooFiter asks: What is your favorite song to play live?
matchbox20_live: Rob: I don't remember!
matchbox20_live: Adam: You know what I always say, The Freshman. A Verve Pipe song. How's It Going To Be?
matchbox20_live: Rob: I like to play Tired, and I love it when we play You Can't Always Get What You Want by the Stones.

Crash_Of_99 asks: Do you appreciate female streakers/flashers?
matchbox20_live: Adam: I think it's funny. It's hard to appreciate,It's weird, when these people are really young it's like what are you doing, and when they're older it's a little disturbing.
matchbox20_live: Rob: If you stop and dissect it, it's like I really, really like your band - here are my tits! It doesn't make any sense. It's like, I love your record because you are so cute! It's flattering but....

lewhmanchu asks: if you could travel with any other band and do shows who would it be?
matchbox20_live: Rob: Cool For August, those guys are fun. They're our favorite band to tour with. It's always, for me, the Stones. If we were out right now the band we would love to have out with us is this new band Train. I'd love to play with Tom Petty, also.
matchbox20_live: Adam and Rob: If you guys get a chance to check out the new Train CD, we'd both recommend it.

Teresad3 asks: Hey guys, if you could be a superhero (like in realworld) who would it be and why??
matchbox20_live: Rob: Superman. He can do everything.
matchbox20_live: Adam: He's not a fag.
matchbox20_live: Rob: Superman could beat Batman with his thing.
matchbox20_live: Adam: You don't want to fuck with Superman!

shock65 asks: What movie do you watch most on the road???
matchbox20_live: Rob: Ooo. It's been Dolemite and Train Spotting.
matchbox20_live: Adam: I like to sit around the bus, drink some sangria, and watch old Tony Orlando and Dawn concert footage.
matchbox20_live: Rob: Could you note that I'm peeing again!

Brokendali asks: Is it true that you picked your fiancee out of a crowd at one of your concerts?
matchbox20_live: Rob: No.

Next_01 asks: Do any of you consider doing side projects while on break from recording your new album?
matchbox20_live: Rob: Well I just did one, the Santana thing. That would be a "yes".
matchbox20_live: Adam: We're all just working on our own stuff, Kyle has a studio set up in his house, everybody is always doing that. As far as the band goes, as long as we make this our priority, anyone can pursue anything they want in their own time.
matchbox20_live: Rob: Like when Adam wanted to join the circus.
matchbox20_live: Adam: I wanted to build the tallest building in the world. After I was rejected by the circus.

Heidi_of_the_Alps asks: Are you ever going to releace 'hang' as a single? It's one of my more favourite songs off of the album...
matchbox20_live: Adam: This record is done as far as singles.

susanna_d_crude_99 asks: why did you name yourself matchbox20
matchbox20_live: Rob: Cause Pearl Jam was already taken.

matchbox20_live: Adam: I'd build the world's tallest building!

arc74 asks: Do you guy's ever hit writers block? And if so what do you do to break it?
matchbox20_live: Rob: I don't know, cause I write continuously, because I don't write unless I have the urge to write.
matchbox20_live: Adam: I just build.

Matchbox20YeahBaby asks: once the album is out, how soon will yall start touring again?
matchbox20_live: As soon as we can.

LoLojc8876 asks: What kind of cars do you all drive??? Just curious...yall have really great taste!
matchbox20_live: Rob: I don't own a car.
matchbox20_live: Adam: I bought myself a limousine that I can drive around myself, cause it's really cool for my friends to party while I'm driving around. And it makes m e look really cool.

MikeD9786 asks: How was your day?
matchbox20_live: Adam: It was really nice and thank you. You are our MVP of the day. MikeD for President. Ours has been fine, and we hope yours has been too.

Magic_Witch_Girl asks: Do you think chatting is bad for kids?
matchbox20_live: Adam: it's good in moderation, you don't want to devote your whole life inside, talking all day. That's definitely screwed up. As long as it's done in moderation it's a great form of communication and expression. Just ease up and do something outside for a change.
matchbox20_live: Rob: Everyone is going, hell no man!.

daisy15_br asks: If you were an animal, what animal would you be, and why?
matchbox20_live: Aww. I'd be a deer tick on your head.
matchbox20_live: Rob: I'd be a cat, that would be fun to hang around.

l3abyGirl_99 asks: Do you ever look back and wonder how this all happened
matchbox20_live: Rob: Every day. Sure.

silver_snowgirl asks: Has there ever been a time where you were going to quit the group? Why?
matchbox20_live: Adam: Yeah. I don't think you ever want to quit, but there are moments when you have to regain perspective, when you go... what's going on? Especially when the caterings all fucked up!

celticangel_99 asks: Is there any hostility between the band members about the attention that Rob gets?
matchbox20_live: Adam: Yeah, personally, to me he's just there, he does his job, and we're happy with him, and it's all fine! No really, we love Rob, here's our boy, he's the man!
matchbox20_live: Rob: We would go out and sometimes I get grabbed by some drunk person, and Paul says, I'm glad it's you out there Rob.
matchbox20_live: Adam: It's got to be a tough thing to get all that attention, it's a double edged sword thing, it's great but at a certain point..,.
matchbox20_live: Rob: Hey, I don't mind it Adam, it can get a little crazy but it's OK,.,

RobsGurl20 asks: How often do you go in your official MB20 Chatroom on the website?
matchbox20_live: Rob: Me myself, especially during breaks like this, I don't have a computer, so I'm never... Whenever we're on the road I'll be hanging with Adam and whenever we get a chance we'll go on together. Paul doesn't have a computer either, so don't hate us, but we're just not up with the times.
matchbox20_live: Adam: I just want to add, we try to keep up a couple of times a week, some of us try and get in, but most of the time, we just try to keep up with what's going on on the side. And if you guys want to check in with us from time to time, either me or Brian go in. And you can come and see us at
matchbox20_live: Rob: Just want to say thanks for being patient thru this whole last mad season. And for this next little period until we come back out. We'll try and not slack!
matchbox20_live: Adam: We appreciate all the support you guys have given us over our first album, and we'll be working on the second one this summer, and we'll see you soon!
Yahoomc: Thanks guys -- This was a blast -- Good Night, everybody!