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Sept. 2, 1998

MC Host: Entertainment Asylum is proud to invite
EAMC Host: We have Adam Gaynor with us now
EAMC Host: Don't forget to ask your questions
EAMC Host: using the PARTICIPATE IN EVENT button
EAMC Host: on the right of your screen
EAMC Host: Adam from MATCHBOX 20 is calling from a remote
EAMC Host: location.
EAMC Host: He is on tour and is looking forward to
EAMC Host: answering your questions.
OnlineHost: MB20Live has entered the room.
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: Question: Being one of your "mature" (36) fans, wondering how you feel
about us
Question: "old folks" being such devoted fans to you and your music?
MB20Live: I'm 35 so I'm pretty old too,
EAMC Host: That was from AURORA611
MB20Live: and I'm very immature, but it's an
MB20Live: amazing spectrum of people we get
MB20Live: coming to our shows and listening to your album.
EAMC Host: Here's one from Arlanna21
MB20Live: our
Question: *Arlanna21: 17:56 Hey guys! When do you think the new album will
Question: coming out? I can't *Arlanna21: wait for it!
MB20Live: <----very excited to be here
MB20Live: The new album will be coming out sometime next yerar.
MB20Live: We have been supporting this album EAMC Host: Here is a questionfrom Shicken22 Question: What is your favorite song on your album. I know it's hard to
Question: even I can't. Thank You. I love you guyz!
MB20Live: for over two years,
MB20Live: and some of us have to take a nap in Novemeber.Mysteri115: (25)lol
MB20Live: <----flowwing while he chats
MB20Live: Flossing
MB20Live: To difficult to ask what My fav song is,
MB20Live: it's just that some songs are more
MB20Live: fun to play on stage then others,
MB20Live: and playing all these songs over and overMB20Live: makes it
diffifult to listen to the album.
MB20Live: But I love the Jackson Five.
EAMC Host: Here is a question from Harogirl
Question: Hi Matchbox20!! I just wanted to know what aother bands (if any)
do you
Question: guys listen to? Also, who would you like to tour with??
MB20Live: Man another crazy question.
MB20Live: There are so many great bands out there right now.MB20Live: i have
no clue who we would want to take out.
MB20Live: We got to play with the Rolling Stones,
EAMC Host: Remember we have ADAM GAYNOR from MATCHBOX 20
MB20Live: and it's hard to do better then that.
EAMC Host: Here is a question from Simona256
Question: i want to know if you are ever going to release the song HANG? i
Question: you guys are great...loved the show at the chameleon in
MB20Live: Thanks Simon....we would love
MB20Live: to release Hang but I think
MB20Live: we are going to clll it quits on this album,
MB20Live: we have to stop somewhere or we
MB20Live: will be touring with this album for 5 years
MB20Live: <----grabbing tennis shoes.....lacing up.
Question: how often do y'all sing the song black & white people? the first
time i
Question: heard it was on halloween & i loved it. i have been to 7 shows
since & have
Question: not heard it again.
MB20Live: When we play that song,
EAMC Host: *Rezyn420: asked that one
MB20Live: it comes during Rob's accoustic moment
MB20Live: toward the end of the show.
MB20Live: He picks one song that he wants to play,
MB20Live: and sometimes he plays that,
MB20Live: and sometimes he plays other things,
MB20Live: but he never plays Bing Crosby
EAMC Host: Remember Matchbox20 was brought to you by EA Music
EAMC Host: *ALWYK askes: What do you guys plan on doing next, it seems like
you've done it all!"
MB20Live: Me and Kyle
MB20Live: are opeing a Taco stand in southeast Florida
MB20Live: this job was too hard for us,a
MB20Live: nd I love the smell of fresh ground beef
EAMC Host: *Stardew13 asks: Where is the name Matchbox 20 from?
MB20Live: The name is from our drummer
MB20Live: and we usually lie.
MB20Live: But the truth is is he just made it up
MB20Live: and we hated it,
MB20Live: and then we had no other choice,
MB20Live: so we used it.
EAMC Host: DaNa99188 asks:
Question: How did you come up with the title of your CD -- yourself or
Question: like you?? Oh yeah and I love you guys!!!
MB20Live: Love you too!
MB20Live: The album title was from a ladyMB20Live: Love you too!
MB20Live: The album title was from a lady
MB20Live: in a small club (Playing a guitar set in a small club)
MB20Live: and she kind of just said that this was for yourself
MB20Live: or someone like you.
MB20Live: when she was dedicating a song.
EAMC Host: BARTDEN1 asks:
Question: Who thought of the idea for the 3 AM video? By the way, the
concert in
Question: Indiana was spectacular
MB20Live: <------needs to borrow some hair gel.
MB20Live: The 3:00 AM concept
MB20Live: was a joing collaboration between
MB20Live: our director and the band.
MB20Live: joint
MB20Live: And I don't think the director was Spielberg.
MB20Live: That's my favorite question today so far.
EAMC Host: Were you blown away to be named ROLLING STONE "READERS pOLL" best
MB20Live: It was one of the coolest awards
MB20Live: we have recieved because it was about
MB20Live: the pople voting for us,
MB20Live: and it showed a lot of support,
MB20Live: and was a great feeling.
EAMC Host: *ElephantQ: Do you have a significant other?
MB20Live: About 4/5's of us have girlfriends now,
MB20Live: and everyone is pretty damned happy.
EAMC Host: *MyknIke14 asks : what are your biggest pet peeves while you are
on tour?
MB20Live: oooh....
MB20Live: that's a good question.
MB20Live: I have so many pet peeves that I can just go nuts.
MB20Live: My biggest are when people just don't THINK ABOUT STUFF
MB20Live: too conscious....
MB20Live: and the stupidest things get me crazy.
MB20Live: But I think if I was ever shot in the leg
MB20Live: I think I can deal with it.
MB20Live: I'm kidding..
MB20Live: please leave the guns at home.
EAMC Host: *MB20LuvRo asks: adam, will you sing any kind of solo in the
near future?!?!?
MB20Live: I'm not sure what I'll be doing on
MB20Live: the next record.
MB20Live: It would be cool to do some solo vocals,
MB20Live: but I am sort of a team player,
MB20Live: and maybe at one point I will put out some solo stuff.
EAMC Host: *Bubble614 asks: What's been the most rewarding thing about
becoming a successful band?
MB20Live: Really good catering.
MB20Live: The fact that I can write anything on a piece of paper
MB20Live: and it shows up the next day.
MB20Live: And all seriousness, the fact that
MB20Live: I get to do what I love for a living
MB20Live: and meet a lot of cool people along the way.
EAMC Host: *C2danko asks: we heard that the song 3am was about Rob's mother
- is that true?
MB20Live: Yes it is.
EAMC Host: *Dazyduke asks: what really started your band and whos idea was
MB20Live: Rob, Paul and Brian were in a different band.
MB20Live: It broke up and they found me and Kyle.
MB20Live: Then we went and recorded and
MB20Live: now I am chatting with you guys.
MB20Live: Yes we'll be there.
EAMC Host: Are you guys going to the MTVideo awards?
MB20Live: Yes, we're very excited to go.
MB20Live: And you guys need to go to our
MB20Live: website after the chat
MB20Live: and vote for us for the viewers choice awards.
MB20Live: cause I need one of those really cool
MB20Live: astronaut trophies.
EAMC Host: The site is
EAMC Host: After the chat feel free to go there.
EAMC Host: I love the song PUSH what is it about?
MB20Live: It's about relationships and
MB20Live: manipulation in relationships.
MB20Live: Kind of like verbal sparring
MB20Live: and no, it has nothing to do with Physical violence....
MB20Live: I promise!
MB20Live: I don't know....are you pretty.....
EAMC Host: *Jewels288 asks: do you think that women are judged too much on
outer appearence?
MB20Live: You know I"m kidding.
MB20Live: What are you wearing?
MB20Live: i can't stop myself!
MB20Live: Yes, I think that a lot of people are judged on looks first
MB20Live: but I think that only goes as far
MB20Live: as a two minute conversation, and then
MB20Live: you kind of see through the cosmetics of the situation.
Question: *HolliPop5 asks: You guys are the best and I'm just wondering, do
Question: think any of u guys would date one of your fans?
MB20Live: Yeah it's hard to meet people at shows....
MB20Live: cause you don't know why they're there or if they would
EAMC Host: Adam is calling in from a hotel at his tour and is on his way to
the gig
MB20Live: like you or the idea of you, so it's ahrd situation.
EAMC Host: So we only may only have time for a few more
EAMC Host: Do you think it is important to vote?
MB20Live: Yeah, you guys would be surprised the
MB20Live: power they would possess if they vote.
MB20Live: It would be great if eveyrone took the time
MB20Live: to put in a vote.
MB20Live: You really could move mountains.
MB20Live: it's just something that a healthy process for young peopole
MB20Live: to get involved with.
EAMC Host: What was your adress again?
EAMC Host: We want to get in touch with you
MB20Live: It's
MB20Live: And don't forget to vote for my Astronaut trophy.
EAMC Host: Again this was brought to you by KEYWORD: EA MUSIC
MB20Live: <----wants to thank everybody for haning in there today,
MB20Live: and appreciatesx the love and support you guys have shown us
MB20Live: throughout the first 2 years of our record.
MB20Live: See you all soon!
MB20Live: .::hugs for the roomies::.
MB20Live: Love ya, =)