Don't Push them Away - Matchbox 20 Plays to a Sold Out Patriot Center Crowd

Story by Wendy DeMayo
ECA Staff Writer

March 17, 1998 - Patriot Center, Fairfax, VA Unique lighting and great sound made this concert one of the best to hit the Patriot Center all season long.

Fans packed the floor and just could not get enough of Rob Thomas' voice or any of the songs that they played. If the audience at the sold-out show came to hear the live action of songs from the band's album, " Yourself or Someone Like You," then they got everything that the ticket was worth.

The Video and lighting used by the band is unique and is possible better than some of the larger tours this past year. I have nor seen anything like it, said one fan, " it just draws you into their music and never lets you go." " It really is going to be 3 AM before I stop thinking about this concert."

That song and many others such as "Push" sent the crowd in to an uproar.

This band who took its moniker from an old softball jersey and a variety of patches, including one that read " matchbox." How ironic said Rob Thomas, because they really were not related. " The name just stuck and we kept it because it sounded good." Sounded good may have been an understatement as their music is some of the hottest music in the charts today.

It is clear that Matchbox's music did not culminate overnight, but was the years of hard work of Rob Thomas. He did virtually everything imaginable including studying a wide range of music including Van Morrison, Willie Nelson, Elvis Costello, Jim Croce and Paul Simon. With influences like that, it is easy to see why this band has risen to the top of the charts.

Most of the song in the set at the Patriot Center were very familiar to all fans and the song "Push," the most popular Matchbox song is a song about how Rob Thomas was manipulated and how he handled it: how he grew to like it and got comfortable with it. He felt that the only that you could have a relationship was if you were being controlled or if you were being manipulated.

Most of the crowd reaction showed why this song is so popular. Matchbox 20 has definitely manipulated its fans in a positive way, one that will continue to see this band grow for sometime to come. Opening Act David Garza.